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RUSH: Here’s Skip in El Segundo, California. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush.


CALLER: It’s a honor to speak to you. I had the privilege of seeing you in UC Irvine a long time ago.

RUSH: Wow! That’s way back in like ’89 or ’90.

CALLER: Way back there. Hey, I’m furious all the callers are suggesting you’re responsible for the outcome of the Republican primary. Those callers should look at the bigotry of the far right that is so concerned about their freedom of religion, as long as it’s their religion. You had the three legs of the party, defense, less government, life and social issues. When you do not have a candidate meets all the requirements, you have to prioritize. I put country first. Romney had everything except the right’s religion, and when all the illegals become illegal, you could thank the religious right. I believe the electorate gets what they deserve. All of us pay the price for this stupidity. My question to you, is there some way that Romney could be pulled back in the race, say as an independent? Because if he was in a presidential debate, he would run circles around the other candidates. The country needs you. I look forward to your comments.

RUSH: No, that’s highly unlikely. It’s a pipe dream holding onto something like that. It’s going to be Senator McCain. People ask, ‘Why is Huckabee hanging in?’ Well, there’s two reasons Huckabee is hanging. He is hoping that by staying in there, he can nonplus Senator McCain. He’s hoping that Senator McCain will have one of his famous temper tantrums. I’m telling you. Look, Romney said it. He said, look, we’re heading to another 1976 nominating an old has-been. We’re going to nominate somebody not a genuine Republican. We’re going to set us back, we’re going to lose big just like 1976. This is all designed to have McCain sit there, start getting a little perturbed about it; maybe lose his temper in public. The second thing is, Huckabee is staying in this because the donor list keeps getting bigger, his fundraising prowess keeps increasing; and the longer he stays in it and is viable, the more he thinks that he’s going to have a chance to have a say-so in the outcome and maybe a place in the administration or at least cement his place for the next Republican presidential primary set or nomination. There’s a whole host of reasons. But Romney, I don’t think, would be turned to in a circumstance like this. He pulled out. So those kinds of things are pipe dreams.

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