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Rush’s Morning Update: Clarification
February 12, 2008

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Last week, the Berkeley, California, city council voted to send a letter to the United States Marines. The letter advised that Marine recruiters were no longer welcome in Berkeley, and that any recruiter who stayed in Berkley would be considered”uninvited and unwelcome intruders.”

And in solidarity with the fringe-kook left, Berkeley’s elected representatives also rewarded the radical anti-war group Code Pink with a free parking permit. Berkeley officials also thanked those who impede the work of military recruiters, like the three Code Pink wackos who recently chained themselves to the Marines’ recruitment office.

Predictably, these Berkeley city council nutcases set off a firestorm. Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas [is] leading an effort to stripBerkeley of five million bucks in federal aid; some state legislators are also threatening to withhold money. Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, a former Army reservist and member of the city council,wants the council to issue a statement of support for the US military –a “clarification” of sorts.

Well, they might want to clear something else up. If you visit the Berkeley city council’s website, you can find out what leftist causes the members support, but, curiously, you will notfind what political party they belong to. And while we’re looking to clear things up, maybe somebody in the Drive-By Media should ask Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama what they think of the Berkeley city council’s actions –just for clarification, don’t you think? (I mean, Republican candidatesare always being asked what they think of me….)

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