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RUSH: I have to go to New York this afternoon. There’s some work being done here at the estate down in Florida. I have to decamp for four or five days. I’m thinking of organizing a meeting with the talk show hosts to plan a strategy; to conspire with the other hosts, to see what we do and where we go from here. I’ll let you know if it happens. I’ll let you know with who. Actually, I think… (interruption) Oh. Everybody is saying, ‘When are you going to do your time capsule?’ I announced last Friday, rather than predict to you today what I think will be the case a year from now, because I don’t want to be accused of my prediction affecting anybody’s behavior. So I’m going to go and, when I get to New York sometime this week, use a Dittocam up there to record my predictions for a year or 14 months from now. I am going to hold up the newspapers of that day to prove I made the prediction on that day, which will be whatever it will be this week. I will find other ways to date and time-stamp this, so that no one can dispute its authenticity, and then I will make my predictions on any number of things. If Hillary wins, if Obama wins, if McCain wins; I will make my predictions as to what your reaction will be to it all within two months after the inauguration of any of those people. It will be an audio-video deposit in a time capsule, and I may make additional deposits in the time capsule as time passes. But I’m not going to predict to you today on air, or tomorrow, or next week what I think the results will be a year or 14 months from now. I’m going to do it in a time capsule. We’ll release the time capsule a year from now, 14 months from now and we’ll see if I’m right, and I’ll release it whether I’m right or wrong. I’m not afraid. I’m wrong so infrequently that it doesn’t upset me psychologically to be wrong.

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