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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I said I wanted want to get some things off my chest about Chelsea Clinton and this whole scenario with David Shuster at DNCTV. The more I think about this whole thing, the more offended I am by this entire Chelsea episode. I’m not supporting the language that Shuster used, but Olbermann has talked about Bush pimping Petraeus on his show, and nobody raised a stink about it. Bush doesn’t have thin skin. He’s not running around demanding apologies and threatening never to appear on the network like Mrs. Clinton did. But anyway, my irritation here stems from the fact that Chelsea is 27 years old. What were you doing when you were 27? Working. Well, she’s working, too, but when I was 27, I’d moved out of the house, I was starting my fledgling radio career, I had held several jobs. I was totally on my own. I did not call mommy and daddy. And mommy and daddy, when I got fired a couple times, didn’t call the radio station, ‘How dare you do this to him?’ Didn’t happen. How many 27 years old in this country have already served nine years in the military, combat veterans like people that join at 18 and 19? She’s 27, somebody says something that offends her or her mother on a low-rated cable show that nobody saw, and she still needs her mommy to write a note to the teacher and threaten the teacher that the mommy is not going to appear on the network. And the network caved.

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