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RUSH: In Maryland last night before we get to the Democrat side and what happened on the Republican side last night. This dovetails precisely with what I suggested to people earlier this week, the presidential race is going to be what it is. It’s going to be McCain, probably — who knows, Obama, Hillary. That race is looking — you know, give you an example, the Democrats hate winners, and they hate losers because the winners humiliate the losers and the losers feel humiliated. So last night in Maryland it was two to one. Obama smokes Hillary. But he only got two more delegates than she got. They have this proportionality. He gets 17 delegates for winning, she got 15. He’s ahead by a hundred delegates. She’s in Texas, and I’m watching Hillary behave. I’ve seen evidence now, again, confirming my theory on how she got through all those scandals in the White House. Just ignore ’em. Utter state of denial. She’s down there in Texas, in El Paso today, the firewall state. She’s making all these speeches. She has yet to acknowledge what happened yesterday. She has not congratulated Obama.

I have the numbers broken down here, and it’s going to be interesting to see how she overcomes this. She’s going to have to win 55% of the delegates from here on out, and as she loses more primaries, that number, that percentage of delegates increases up to 62% if the outcome in future states holds true. But what I was talking about in Maryland last night, there was a primary for a congressional seat currently held by an alleged Republican. The alleged Republican’s name is Wayne Gilchrest. He is from Maryland’s 1st congressional district. Last night, he lost his bid for renomination to a genuine conservative, a state senator, Dr. Andy Harris. And Harris is expected to win in November over a Democrat opponent in Maryland. Andy Harris is a true conservative. Now, Andy Harris happens to credit talk radio for being a major part of his victory, specifically our old buddy Tom Marr, who precedes this program on our blowtorch affiliate in Baltimore (WCBM Talk Radio 680). Gilchrest, the alleged Republican, was endorsed by Newt and President Bush, the old boy network. In fact, Gilchrest voted against funding for the war I think. He voted with Pelosi a lot. Yeah. In fact, he voted for a timeline for withdrawal.

This story even made the UK Guardian. It’s from Chestertown Maryland: ‘A nine-term Republican congressman critical of the Iraq war has been defeated by a well-funded state senator in Maryland’s primary. Rep. Wayne Gilchrest was narrowly defeated Tuesday by state Sen. Andy Harris. Gilchrest voted to go to war in Iraq but later said he regretted the decision. A year ago, he was one of two Republicans in Congress to vote for a withdrawal timeline.

Gilchrest called the campaign the most intense of his political career. Harris depicted Gilchrest as too moderate for Maryland’s first congressional district, which includes the state’s Eastern Shore and parts of the Baltimore suburbs.’ In an interview — and Tom Marr sent me a note today from down in Baltimore — in an interview with the Baltimore Sun editorial board, the alleged Republican Wayne Gilchrest apparently on tape personally criticized me, El Rushbo, and talk radio. He’s in the ash heap! Now, I bring this up, ladies and gentlemen, because people have been calling, ‘What can we do, Rush, what can we do? I mean, McCain’s not conservative.’ You focus at the state level. This is exactly the kind of thing that I was talking about. Congratulations there to Dr. Andy Harris.

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