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RUSH: The Democrats once again bit the dust on the FISA bill yesterday, which contained a clause granting immunity to the telephone companies, telecommunications companies which provided data to the president for its warrantless wiretap searching program. Now, yesterday was an opportunity because of the Potomac primary, the vote was yesterday in the Senate, and we have three senators running for the presidency. We have Senator McCain, we have Senator Obama, and we have Senator Hillary. It would have been very easy for all three to take a couple minutes off the campaign, head over to Capitol Hill, cast your vote on the very serious issue of American security. Two of the three did so. Kudos to Senator McCain. He made sure he was there while fighting off this pesky challenge from Governor Huckabee. He voted to preserve the powers of the intelligence agency in the executive branch to defend and protect this country.

Also, hats off to Senator Obama. He showed up. He voted. He voted against it. In so doing, he demonstrated he is not fit to lead this country as commander-in-chief. He has voted against every reasonable authority that has come before him in the form of legislation in terms of intelligence and protecting this country. But at least Obama showed up. At least he voted. At least he told the country he’s incompetent. Mrs. Clinton did not show up. And, remember, as my friend Andy McCarthy at National Review Online points out, Mrs. Clinton had a whole lot to say way back when about Obama’s ‘present’ votes in Illinois, correct? And here she doesn’t even show up to vote on the intelligence bill yesterday, the FISA bill. It was a very important set of votes, perhaps as important a set of votes as there had been since she’s been in the Senate. They involved issues that go to the core of her fitness to be president, and she decided she had better things to do than her job. She was in Texas, or at least en route to Texas to make a speech last night, in which she totally ignored what had happened in the Potomac primary, did not mention Obama, did not mention the vote, just ignored it. It didn’t happen. Same way she dealt with the scandals inside the White House.

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