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RUSH: Susan, Louisville, Kentucky. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Okay. Wonderful. I have to share some history that you and I have in your child rearing with my children and other children in our neighborhood. My husband is an infantry officer in the Marine Corps, and a couple years ago while almost everybody on our block was deployed — we live in company grade housing in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina — you were the only male influence in a variety of young men’s lives, of our toddler’s sons. There’s a group of wives that used to sit out in our front yard, turn on Rush Limbaugh, and we’d joke that our husbands were gone but all we had was Rush, so I just want to let you know what a role you played.

RUSH: Well, I’m flattered by that. I feel very confident. I’m very hopeful that your kids have a great future.

CALLER: Well, thank you, Rush. Well, Obama talking about change, and he said his head is not in the clouds. I’m concerned it’s in a cloud of smoke. And if you could do me a favor and a variety of military wives out there, I’m wondering if you could touch a little bit on what Obama would do to the military if he is in fact voted into office.

RUSH: Well, I think it’s actually relatively easy to answer the question just based on Obama’s speeches of late. I think the US military, under the commander-in-chief Barack Obama will march into the future united, armed, with the hopes of the free world at their backs. They will march forward into the future in harmony and with love and dreams for peace.

CALLER: Well, we’re concerned because we think — my husband and I and a group of our friends who are all educated and who are all professionals in the military — we’re concerned that when another attack does happen, and if Obama is elected, oh, it will, we’re concerned that we will apologize, give the terrorists a hug, and sing Kumbaya.

RUSH: Well, if I may be serious, I was giving you a typical Obama answer at first. Look, your question is very serious. Obama has already said that he’s going to meet with the world’s tyrants. Obama has already said that he might invade Pakistan. There is an excellent piece today, and I’m going to link to this. Do you go to my website by any chance?

CALLER: Yes, I do.

RUSH: You do?


RUSH: All right. By the way, is your husband still deployed or is he home?

CALLER: He is actually home. We are stationed here in Kentucky now.

RUSH: Stationed in Kentucky. Okay. There’s a piece by Leon Wieseltier today in the New Republic that just excoriates — and Wieseltier actually is liberal — excoriates Obama on the very thing you’re talking about. Wieseltier’s point, and I didn’t print it out because it’s not something that you can excerpt. I’d have to read the whole thing to you. But I’ll summarize it for you here. It basically talks about the hot spots around the world where we are seriously threatened, from China to North Korea to Iraq to Iran to Pakistan, to the Soviet Union, to China. He says China holds the fate of our economy in its hands because of all the dollars, all of the US debt that they own. And that whatever China wants in the world, they get. If they don’t want to be part of Kyoto, the UN says, fine, fine, fine, you don’t have to be part of Kyoto, because everybody is scared to death that the ChiComs, they’re not going to take it. You cross them, ask the Falun Gong, ask the Mongolians, ask any number of people. You stand in front of one of their tanks, ask what happens. They’re not going to put up with any of this.

His whole point is, there is nobody less qualified seeking the office to deal with all of this than Barack Obama. It’s detectable by listening to him talk about these circumstances and these situations around the world. This goes beyond what will happen to the military and how he will use it. This goes even beyond that. This goes to the very nature of what his foreign policy would be. It’s based, really, on the fact that Wieseltier believes that naïveté is just profound in Obama. He actually believes that he can go meet with the tyrants and thugs of the world and by the very power and force of his personality and the desire for Kumbaya and everybody to hold hands, he can talk the bad guys into being good guys working for a common purpose with the hopes and dreams of the world at their back. Wieseltier says the world’s a far more dangerous place and we’re at much greater risk in the world today than we were yesterday, the day before, and Obama is just singularly unqualified to deal with it. We will link to this at RushLimbaugh.com so that you can check it out. Now, Susan, hang on. Don’t go away.



RUSH: Susan in Louisville, back to you. I wanted to do something for you. You’re so nice with what you said in the beginning of your call, and your husband has served the country, and you were left with three kids and so forth with only me to help raise them, and that’s actually a good thing. But I want to do two things for you.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: The first thing I want, I want to send you whole bunch of flowers. I mean, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I know your husband is probably going to do something, but I want to send you some flowers —

CALLER: Thank you so much, Rush.

RUSH: — from ProFlowers, and I’m also going to do this. Is that a young crumb cruncher in the background?

CALLER: Oh, Rush, I’m pushing them full of M&Ms and said, ‘I’m on a very important phone call.’

RUSH: Oh, okay. Pushing them full of M&Ms. Good.


RUSH: Next thing I’m gonna do, and this won’t take very long. I want to give you and your husband a Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed.

CALLER: Oh, my God, Rush. Let me give you a little history on that. We just signed up for LifeLock because of you, and that was my New Year’s resolution, it’s one that I kept, and I was starting to save little bit by little bit to get one of those Sleep Number Beds, because I know they are so highly recommended.

RUSH: Well, I knew that. See, I sense these things. My instincts, I never doubt them. Look, we’ll put you on hold, and we’ll make all this happen down the road. But you’re going to absolutely love the bed. You were very sweet, and I don’t think the country does enough for families like you.

CALLER: Well, thank you, Rush, and you make my life better daily. My husband works half days every day, six to six, and I listen to you diligently every day.

RUSH: Well, thanks very much, and you give him all of our best, will you do that?


RUSH: Okay, thank you very much, Susan.

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