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RUSH: I did a little a little Q&A interview today with Jay Carney at TIME Magazine. (interruption) Yeah, I talked to TIME Magazine. I’m talking to the New York Times today. I may talk to the New York Times Magazine next week. I may do the Today Show. Look, they can’t get it right. I figure I’m going to give them one last time to get it right. I’ll talk to them directly to explain what’s going on here, Snerdley. So I’m talking to Jay — (interruption) yes, I am talking to the enemy. Just call me McCain today. I’m reaching across the aisle here and I’m talking to the enemy, that’s right. But I’m not going to agree with them like McCain does. I am going to, for what it’s worth, pound the truth, try to permeate this little narrow template and narrative that they have.

I was telling Jay Carney today, ‘Look, conservatism does work if you have a powerful leader running the movement.’ I said, ‘Look at Reagan.’ Gave him the story. Look at Reagan. He was minus 130 seats when he was inaugurated, didn’t have talk radio, didn’t have alternative media, didn’t have anything. All he had was his charisma and his ability to speak directly to the American people. Look what he got done with a huge Democrat Congress. I said, ‘Jay, he was going against real pros.’ Tip O’Neill, no slouch. I said today we’ve got two of the weakest, most incompetent, ineffective Democrat leaders in my lifetime, Reid and Pelosi. They’ve got the votes to stop the president, but they can’t. They just can’t.

They make all kinds of noise for a year about this to satisfy the kooks and the wackos in their base, but they cave again. And, folks, this is why, this is the warrantless wiretap program. Do you realize how they hated the warrantless wiretap program? ‘Bush was spying on liberals!’ No, he wasn’t. There’s nothing exciting enough about a liberal life to want to spy on. ‘He’s spying! It’s horrible!’ The Democrats are making this case, but when the pedal hit the metal, when the rubber hit the road, when real issues of national security come home to roost in an election year, what did the Democrats do? They caved on FISA. Now, the FISA bill we’ve got is not optimum. There are some things that Republicans could have gotten, too, but it’s a cave for the Democrats. I just say this because it buttresses my theory that we just can’t conclude that any Democrat winning the White House is going to pull us out of the world. Obama, as I chronicled yesterday, is woefully ignorant.

• TIME: Rush Limbaugh Talks to TIME – James Carney

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