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“Monday is President’s Day, and we will be here. We do not take off these little, chintzy ski-holiday Mondays.”

“You know it’s gotta be bad when a former communist disses somebody like Hillary Clinton, who comes from the Saul Alinsky school.”

“It’s now gone beyond the conspiracy websites. Now it’s in the mainstream media, that Clemens is going to get pardoned by Bush because Bush and his family are Texans; and Clemens is a Texan.”

“When Truman beat Dewey, it shocked the world of pollsters because it was supposed to be Dewey in a landslide.”

“We’ve got these delegates. We’ve got superdelegates. We have the undecideds. I think there’s a new category here that we need to discuss and name, given what’s happening to Mrs. Clinton. I would say that Hillary is losing her undies. Undies are the decideds for Clinton who are undeciding.”

“We want to make sure that everybody on the Democrat side stays — well, not happy with us, but equal time is equal time.”

“I am Rush Limbaugh and I am for the right now. The future is going to happen. It’s going to take care of itself. The past we can’t do anything about. Somebody’s gotta stand for right now. It is I. It is me.”

“Nobody’s against the future — and even if you were, you lose because it’s going to happen, and nobody knows what it is.”

“Forget the undecideds. I don’t like indecisive people on anything, do you? People that can’t make a decision about something? ‘Yeah, let me get back to you on that,’ and then they forget to get back to you, and they put you in a bind.”

“I just love tweaking the Drive-By Media.”

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