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RUSH: All right, we’re going to get to the Democrat Stack now, and everybody’s wondering, you know, it goes back and forth. ABC’s The Note today says, you run the math, according to the polling data for future races, future primaries and cauci, it is conceivable that neither Obama nor Hillary will have enough pledged delegates after the primaries to claim the mantle as nominee, which then turns it over to two things, the superdelegates and whether or not to seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan. Now, the Democrat fight is going to come down, folks, to who are the bigger racists, the pledged delegates or the Democrat superdelegates. Until we know the answer to that, we will not know who the nominee is going to be. Right now is there any way to gauge the level of racism and bigotry among the superdelegates? Because if there’s a lot of it, if there’s a lot of racism and bigotry among the superdelegates, such as Fast Eddie Rendell, the governor of Pennsylvania, who’s backtracking, by the way, now, that would guarantee a Hillary win, if we could gauge the level of racism.

Now, we will not get the answer to this question on the front page of the New York Times or inside the front section of the New York Times in their analysis or reporting. They will not explore the racism and bigotry in the Democrat Party, but this is what it’s going to come down to with Obama being on the ticket. Now, I don’t get a lot of questions here from people about what are superdelegates, but a lot of friends of mine are saying, ‘You ought to explain this superdelegate stuff because my friends are all asking me what it means.’ Everybody wants to be a program director, H.R. So let’s run through this superdelegate business and explain this as simply and succinctly as possible. There are around 796 superdelegates. Superdelegates are party officials who are elected officials, they’re party hacks, and they’re not bound to go with the delegations which are pledged from the various states based on the vote. So they can pledge themselves early to a candidate, then change their mind, or they can stay open and undecided, in which case the candidates lobby them, which is what we’ve seen Chelsea Clinton doing.

They are all ages. Some of them are in their early twenties. Some of them are geriatrics from Jurassic Park, but they basically are party hacks, and the whole system was set up in 1980 for the express purpose of limiting the people’s role in selecting the nominee. This is typical Democrat. It was assumed that the party hacks, the superdelegates, the elites would know better than the average Democrat voter, which ends up assigning delegates. Now this whole thing is going to come back and haunt them. The Democrat Party has so nuanced this primary season that nobody can figure out the score right now. Depends on where you look, you’ll get a different tally on who’s got how many delegates. According to AP, Obama has 1,224 delegates. According to CNN, he has 1,253 delegates. According to Real Clear Politics and their rolling average out there, 1,276 delegates. CBS has a different figure. Some of these figures include superdelegates that have so far identified themselves, some of them do not. They have pledged delegates on the Democrat side. They have allocated delegates. They have superdelegates. The pledged delegates that can change their pledges.

So two things that we can be assured of: The superdelegates are going to determine the winner here because it looks like, if the polling data is accurate, it looks like neither one of these two is going to end up with a required number of delegates after the primaries are over. If the superdelegates decide on Obama, the Clintons will demand quite a bit more than a pound of flesh to concede. These superdelegates, you might even feel sorry for these people, because for all their power, they don’t get the Democrat right to a secret ballot. These people, we’re going to know. They’re not going to get to hide. We’re going to know how these people voted. It’s going to be brutal for these people. So the question is going to have to be asked, are they voting for a candidate or are they voting for their political future? This is why I raise the question. The Democrat fight’s going to come down to who are the bigger racists, the Democrat delegates or the Democrat superdelegates. Until we know that, we can’t gauge how this is going to go. If these superdelegates want to decide for a candidate, then they’re going to decide who they think is a legitimate winner on the basis of merit and say, ‘Okay, we gotta go with the guy or the girl that we thought did the best, really close here to winning,’ and go that way. Or, they can say, ‘You know what, do I want to cross the Clintons? Do I like my future? Do I want to have a future?’ They’re not going to be relying on Obama to give ’em their future.

The Clintons have their tentacles spread deep, woven intricately throughout the Democrat Party hierarchy. They are the machine and she is the machine candidate. We have seen the Clintons play rough. They have long memories. They have long, long, long memories. They have a lot of tentacles from foundations to billionaires to 527s to union bosses, from the good old jolly folks at MoveOn.org and EMILY’S List, to the NAGs, from names like George Soros, Ron Burkle, wheeler dealers you never heard of until two weeks ago like Frank Giustra, who has ended up sending Clinton $131 million to his Library and Massage Parlor for Clinton helping him get a mining uranium deal over in Kazakhstan. But that’s all the least of this. If the superdelegates go Obama, the Clintons will not concede on the cheap. They have the threat of a lawsuit over Michigan, and then the threat of a lawsuit over Florida. As you know, lawsuits can go from a court, to a court of appeals, to the Supreme Court, unless of course the party pays tribute to the Clintons and what might that tribute be. I have no clue, but whatever you might imagine it to be, double it or triple it, because Mrs. Clinton’s testicle lockbox is big enough for the entire Democrat hierarchy, not just some people in the media. And whether they have been taking steroids and the testicles are smaller than usual, doesn’t matter, her lockbox, her testicle lockbox, can handle everybody in the Democrat hierarchy.

When you couple this with the mind-set, the attitude, the psychology, Mrs. Clinton, she’s suffered all this humiliation for all of these years. This is the payback. This is the payoff, and they’re not going to go quietly. And now you’ve got the interesting specter of Reverend Sharpton promising demonstrations and protests if the Florida and Michigan delegates are seated, and the Clintons are saying, ‘Bring it on, Rev. You think ’68 was bad, wait ’til you see what we turn Denver into in 2008. It’s a 40-year anniversary, Reverend Al.’ The Clintons are happy to tear things down in order to claim them and then rebuild them again with themselves as the contractor, the architect, the interior designer, the landscapers, and the pool people. They’ll be happy to do this. So Obama’s sitting out there and he’s thinking, ‘Yeah, they’re not going to attack me, they can’t attack me, I’m a black guy. Last time they tried that, look what happened to them in South Carolina. I’ve got this great campaign. I’m moving on into the future.’ He hasn’t seen anything yet, especially if she does pull these things out in Texas and Ohio, (gasping) the momentum will be back, the rejuvenation will be on the Clinton side. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign goes on.

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