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RUSH: Mary, I got 55 seconds. Can you do this in 55 seconds? Good.

CALLER: Yes, I can. I think the conservatives need to pimp ourselves for one day. Those would be Texas and Ohio conservatives, and let us just take the Clintons out by having them vote for Obama. We have our candidate. The country needs to get rid of these people.

RUSH: Some people would say to you it would be much easier to defeat Hillary in a general than Obama and get rid of her then.

CALLER: She’s a criminal, and I don’t want any quid pro quos between her and the superdelegates in the party and everything else.

RUSH: All right, so you don’t want to take any chances she can win. You want to vanquish now. I know a lot of people feel that way, so she says, Mary in Elmhurst, Illinois: ‘Republicans in Texas, pimp yourselves for a day and vote Obama in the Texas primary.’

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