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RUSH: I want to wish everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day today. There are more wacko stories on Valentine’s Day today than I can remember in a long time. There is an online resting place now for broken hearts. New York City has a new condom campaign, and we have the audio of the little slogan, the ad that they’re using here in New York City, and we are, by the way, still here, high atop the EIB Building in Midtown Manhattan. ‘New Yorkers are being encouraged to ‘get some’ on Valentine’s Day. Street teams will be handing out the free condoms at busy hubs around the city on Thursday, including Times Square, Wall Street, and near City Hall. And an ad campaign on television, radio and subways and buses will soon begin, featuring the catchphrase.’

‘Get Some.’ It’s a double entendre, but what they are talking about is get some condoms. ‘The city has made free condoms available for years, but last year revamped the package with a distinct look to encourage usage.’ A distinct look to encourage usage? ‘Since then the city has been giving away three million condoms a month on average, up from 1.5 million a month before the redesign.’ Three million condoms a month that they’re giving out on the street! Where the rubber hits the road, they are giving them out on the street. Times Square, Wall Street, City Hall, places like that. Now we’ve gotta go to the audio sound bites because on Valentine’s Day today Meredith Vieira over at the Today Show had Eve Ensler, the authorette of The Vagina Monologues and Jane Fonda. Now, we have had to bleep a word from this sound bite.

ENSLER: At the beginning, my most pressing concern was surviving, say saying the word, getting ‘vagina’ out of my mouth in a little tiny theater way downtown. And to think that this year we are now at — in 1,500 places, there will be 4,000 productions, all of which are going to end violence against women and girls is amazing.

VIEIRA: Jane, you at first were not a big fan of the play, so what turned you around?

FONDA: I live in Georgia, okay, I was asked to do a monologue called (C-bleep) and I said, ‘I don’t think so. I got enough problems.’

RUSH: She used the word. She used the C-word. We bleeped it. They did not bleep it at the Today Show. It made it on the air at the Today Show, the C-word. Wow. This is what I mean about what a Valentine’s Day! So here’s Eve Ensler suggesting now in this sound bite that it took a while at the beginning, surviving, saying the word or getting ‘vagina’ out of my mouth, she said. Now it’s running all over the place out there, 1,500 places, 4,000 productions, all of which are going to end violence against women and girls and how this is amazing. Yet in the next sound bite she seems to contradict herself. The Meredith Vieira question, ‘Yeah, but Eve, when this started, it was really to celebrate sex. The Vagina Monologues is about sex, women’s sexuality, and the women who would come up after the play would tell you very sad stories about abuse or about rape, and that continued everywhere that you went.’

ENSLER: After ten years, I can fundamentally say that there is a global pattern which I’m now calling ‘femicide’ and broadening the term to say that there is a global pattern that is systematically undermining, undoing, and desecrating women.

RUSH: So your vagina monologue play is not working, despite these 1,500 theaters and 4,000 productions, it’s not working. There is femicide out there. I mean, you get up, let’s say you’re one of these people that takes Valentine’s Day seriously. As I’ve said before, I’m not big on these commercial holidays where you go out and do something because society says you do it. Go out there, special flowers, special this. A lot of people are into that, but it’s kind of like conventional wisdom to me. I go the other way. And you get up, you hear Jane Fonda using the C-word and you hear Eve Ensler talking about femicide out there and all you’re hoping is that you get a bouquet of roses from your lug husband. Maybe go to dinner somewhere. So you and your husband, or you and your boyfriend are sitting there watching the Today Show today, all these great plans today. Here’s the — (interruption) what do you mean, you don’t understand the C-word remark? Oh, come on. Snerdley claims he doesn’t know what she was saying.

You don’t know what the C-word is? Well, it’s Jane Fonda. Why are you looking for a point? Why are you trying to make sense of this? It’s Jane Fonda. What Jane Fonda said was in response to Meredith Vieira asking, ‘Jane, you were not a big fan of Vagina Monologues at first, so what turned you around on it?’ And Jane says, ‘Well, I live in Georgia, okay.’ That’s probably what Snerdley was asking, ‘What’s that got to do with it?’ Okay, I was asked to do a monologue called bleep and I said I don’t think so, I’ve got enough problems. Just stick with hope and Obama. You start trying to understand Jane Fonda here, it’s not why we were playing it. We don’t play Jane Fonda sound bites because they make any sense. All right, now here’s a little excerpt, a portion of the new New York City condoms ‘get some’ ad.

(playing of ‘get some’ ad)

Okay, now, CNN, got into action on Valentine’s Day last night from the male perspective. Anderson Cooper 180 talking to their medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta about what happens to you if you take steroids.

COOPER: The other thing about steroids is it makes your bits and pieces smaller. Is that true?

GUPTA: I’m sorry. What was that again?

COOPER: Never mind.

GUPTA: Some parts smaller?

COOPER: Yeah. Is that true?

GUPTA: Think about it like this, Anderson. With regard to steroids, basically, you know, a man’s testes basically produce hormones, testosterone. If you’re giving the testosterone, the testes will say, ‘Look, we don’t have to produce it anymore, we’re already getting it somewhere else,’ so they will actually shrink.

COOPER: All right, Sanjay, thanks, appreciate it, especially my last ridiculous question.

RUSH: So that was a Valentine’s eve question from Anderson Cooper, obviously a play-off on the Roger Clemens hearings before Congress yesterday.

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