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RUSH: We went to the polling data at the beginning of the program about how Obama is picking up supporters and Hillary is losing supporters. Obama is tracking with the more intelligent Democrat voters by saying nothing. He’s saying nothing better than anybody said nothing in a long time. Have you noticed, by the way, how many other pundits and commentators have picked up on that theme articulated by me, changing the words to make it their own? See, if I were a sensitive person, I would say, ‘They’re stealing from me!’ I am proud, not hurt. The smart people sticking with Obama despite the fact he’s saying nothing. The dumb Democrats see through it and are sticking with Hillary. How is this explained, is the question I’m getting. How come the smart Democrats are buying nothing, and the stupid Democrats see through nothing, and they’re sticking with Mrs. Clinton? I think the premise of the question is flawed.

I don’t think that dumb Democrats see through anything. I just think they have an attachment to Mrs. Clinton that, you know, they’re going to get stuff from her. She did that TV commercial, Santa Claus passing out government programs to little kiddies under the tree. So I think it really is nothing more than that. Mrs. Clinton visited a GM plant. Now, this is an AP headline. This is hilarious. It’s Lordstown, Ohio: ‘Clinton Visits GM Plant, Outlines Plan to Crack Down on Corporations.’ (paraphrasing) ‘We’re going to take on the oil companies; we’re going to harness their record profits to create millions of clean energy jobs; we’re going to take on the credit card companies so that you and your families aren’t drowning in debt. Here in Ohio, payday lenders are actually taking Social Security checks from our elderly. That’s outrageous. We’re going to take on the insurance companies and tell ’em they can no longer discriminate against the sickest people. I’m going to go after the drug companies and the insurance companies. We’re going to take on Wall Street. You’re gonna finally pay your fair share in taxes, Wall Street, and we’re going to take on the student loan companies and we’re going to take on big –‘ this is what she said at a General Motors plant!


RUSH: Now, this attack of Mrs. Clinton’s on corporate America at a GM plant, we sit here and laugh about this, but this is really, really serious stuff. Both she and Obama are going to sit around, and they’re going to raise taxes on businesses and high income earners, ostensibly to get even with them and make the middle class feel better about things. It’s just going to be destructive as it can be. We hear all this talk about Mrs. Clinton being the smartest woman in the world, it’s one thing for Mrs. Clinton to utter all this. For example, she said that she was going to rein in oil, insurance, credit cards, student loan, and Wall Street investment companies and generate $55 billion a year that would be used for middle class tax cuts, create jobs, and pay for an array of domestic programs. When she says she’s going to rein in all of these corporations: oil, insurance, credit cards, student loan, Wall Street — she’s going to tax their profits. It is their profits that allow them to hire people and expand the business and create even more jobs. It’s one thing for her to utter this stupidity, but she has to go right in the middle of a corporation to do it?

She goes to a corporation, General Motors, which is hurting, right in the belly of the beast, to outline how she’s going to try to destroy the corporation and all of these people’s jobs, and nobody calls her on it, except I, El Rushbo. The Drive-Bys just report on this. Now, clearly the headline is not flattering: ‘Clinton Visits GM Plant, Outlines Plan to Crack Down on Corporations.’ But there’s a picture of her here with a couple of GM workers, and they’ve got the hood raised on a car and she’s wearing her Mao suit. She’s got the Mao Tse-tung jacket on. There was a video, they put her in the driver’s seat of a car. She made a big deal out of it, saying she hadn’t driven since her Arkansas days, and they put her in the driver’s seat of a car and she looked clueless in there. ‘Mommy, mommy, mommy, what does the word attack mean?’ ‘Well, little Johnny, when anyone asks what has Mrs. Clinton done in 35 years, that’s considered an attack.’ ‘It is? You just have to ask Mrs. Clinton a question and it’s an attack?’ ‘That’s exactly right. But when, little Johnny, Mrs. Clinton attacks all of our businesses, all of our companies, all of our providers of real services, that’s not considered an attack.’

So what does the word attack mean now? She didn’t just attack, she launched a broadside. She launched a salvo. She’s going to take these people’s profits, these corporations’ profits and expand them, expand jobs, middle class tax cuts and so forth? The Politico version of this story: ‘Clinton Pits Herself Against Businesses.’ She’s going to screw every one of these businesses just for you, folks. The places where you work, she’s going to screw, for you! What do you think is going to happen to you after she screws the place that you work?

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