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“There is one new idea in the Democrat Party: America is a wretched country and it needs to change.”

“Obama thinks that the power of his personality and his messianic Second Coming aura will be able to convince these thug dictators that we mean them no harm. That’s nave. It’s childlike, it’s junior high conflict resolution, and yet he wants to bring it to the oval office.”

“The Follow-Up Media is the media that follows the Drive-By Media. Although, in some cases, it’s the Drive-Bys who circle back around — sometimes arsonists love to come to the scene of the fire to watch.”

“I have just this morning named a new position here on the staff: Official Obama Criticizer. When Obama needs to be criticized, our Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley, will do so.”

“Doesn’t Katie Couric’s intellect dazzle? I mean, it just stops you dead in your tracks!”

“Don’t cry for me, America. I am Evita Clinton. I’ll be fine. I’m rich. My husband’s rich, and he can start dating again. You’ll continue to get the excrement sandwich, but I will be fine.”

“Hitler was deciding who was fit to live and who wasn’t, was taking away people’s freedoms, and was using the instrument of business and government to limit freedom. He was a classic leftist dictator.”

“Why do you think I coined the term ‘feminazi’ to describe the most fervent pro-abortion women in this country? Well, what did the Nazis do? Killed people because they were inconvenient.”

“Conservatism is about America and about each individual citizen. It’s not about a political party triumphing or a political party pulling political strings in order to get the vote of this or that group — that’s what liberal Democrats do.”

“Two of the candidates in this race are saying, ‘It’s my turn,’ and the other one is saying, ‘God’s anointed me.'”


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