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RUSH: It’s audio sound bites time, and it’s another See, I Told You So illustration. Let’s go back to last Monday, February 11th on this very program. This is what I said about liberals.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Wherever I go, the liberals hate Bush, but a lot of their hatred is ’cause they don’t think he can talk. He embarrasses them. The president of their country can’t say ‘nuclear.’ The president of their country just can’t speak. He starts and stutters and it just embarrasses them. I think one of the reasons — I’m not exaggerating this — I think one of the reasons that there is such a dramatic devotion to Barack Obama is he can talk.

RUSH: Another See, I Told You So. Don’t doubt me. Chris Matthews last night on Hardboiled.

MATTHEWS: I was thinking of Winston Churchill. I was thinking of all the great leaders. Lincoln. Almost all great leaders could give a good speech, and I can’t think of a single great leader who couldn’t give a great speech. Maybe there’s somebody out there I haven’t heard of, but Kennedy could certainly speak. Reagan could talk. I can’t think of a great American president who couldn’t talk. Why is she bragging about her ability to do things, but not being able to talk as well as Barack? What’s the point here?

RUSH: Uh… (laughs) This is the way she’s trying to overcome her deficiency. Barack’s out there saying nothing but saying it very well. Mrs. Clinton, of course, all she can say is, ‘I’ve been working at this for 35 years. I got 35 years of working for children! I have 35 years of supporting women — except the ones that my husband (ahem) schtoompfed. I’ve got all kinds of this 35 years experience.’ She’s out there saying, ‘Look, it’s not about speeches. It’s about solutions,’ and that’s a loser for her, too. Absolutely. Because she’s got no solutions that she can claim. Every solution they tried for blew up in her face and all the rest of ours as well. Look, I’ve run into enough liberals, and their hatred for Bush, it really — besides the war, once you get past that — it’s visceral, and it’s irrational, because they don’t even know him. So I keep probing. ‘What? You really think a man with a Harvard MBA and Yale degree is stupid?’ And they’ll eventually say, ‘He just can’t talk. He embarrasses me. I’m embarrassed for my country! He can’t talk! He looks stupider than Dan Quayle when he talks,’ and that’s why they hate him.

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