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RUSH: Oh. You know, grab audio sound bite number 22, audio sound bite number 22. This is me October 4th of last year.

RUSH ARCHIVE: White men matter most. We always hear, the conventional wisdom is, we hear about the gender gap, how Republicans can’t get the female vote. And I have pointed out for years that the dirty little secret of presidential politics is the white male vote.

RUSH: Right, and here we have a story in The Politico. Right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. The headline: ”White Men Hold Superdelegate Power Balance’ — In an ironic twist to the historic Democratic nominating contest between an African-American and a woman, the balance of power may be held by a more familiar face: the white male.’ It’s always been the case. They’ve always talked about the gender gap, but if you take a look at most presidential elections, the candidate with the majority of the white male vote is the winner. ‘According to a Politico analysis, close to half of the 700-plus Democratic superdelegates who could end up determining the party nominee are white men. One Obama superdelegate, a House member, had sharp criticism for the superdelegate racial and gender makeup, a reaction that reflects the sensitivities surrounding the issue. ‘It’s still the old guard, the white men. They always want to control the outcome,’ the superdelegate said. ‘But this time, they won’t be able to do it.”
Whoa. Why? Why not?

Is this a veiled reference to protests and fires and burnings? See, what this is all about, this may come down to the popular vote versus the delegate count, and if the superdelegates wrest a nomination from the popular vote winner, Obama, oh ho-ho-ho Lordy, ho-ho, anybody say 1968? ‘The percentage of white male superdelegates is disproportionate to the share of white males who make up the overall Democratic electorate.’ This is not by accident. This is not by accident, folks. You may think it is, but it’s not. ‘The percentage of white male superdelegates is disproportionate to the share of white males who make up the overall Democratic electorate. According to a January 2008 national poll by Zogby International, 28 percent of Democratic voters are white men. Women account for 55 percent of Democratic voters. But superdelegates have never reflected the diversity of the Democratic party as a whole, nor were they designed to. They represent the party insiders, a group that white men still dominate.’

I’ve been asking black voters since I have been behind this, the Golden EIB Microphone, for 20 years. When are you guys going to realize you’re just being used? You’re just being taken advantage of and being pandered to every two or four years? You vote for them and they immediately start blaming Republicans for why your lives aren’t getting any better, and then four years later, two years later, come back at you and they promise all these things, they’ve been doing this for 50 years, where are you? You’re still complaining, you still want things done, and somehow you end up blaming Republicans for standing in the way of Democrats getting things done. The Democrat power base is white males, always has been. Those are the guys that run the show and they are the majority of the superdelegates. If Hillary gets a majority of these people after Obama wins the popular vote, oh Lordy. Still would love to see it, but oh Lordy.

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