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RUSH: Rebecca, Kansas City, Missouri, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I’d like to introduce a new slogan, based on my agreement with that last caller yesterday, and you mentioned how the Republicans and Texans should take up a Democrat ballot and vote for Obama.

RUSH: Right. Let’s be accurate about what she said. Republicans in Texas need to ‘pimp themselves’ —

CALLER: Yes, that’s correct.

RUSH: — for one day, just one day and go vote for Obama in the Democrat primary.

CALLER: Right. Well, you had mentioned your slogan, ‘Keep Her In It So We Can Win It’?

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Well, I disagree. My slogan is: ‘Take Her Out And End All Doubt.’

RUSH: (laughter) I love that!

CALLER: Well, that’s based on my agreement, you know, that she is a criminal, you know, with all the stuff that the media won’t pin her on, you know —

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: — the illegal contributions, FBI files, you know?

RUSH: Bunch of kneecappers.

CALLER: Yeah, stealing furniture from the White House when they moved out.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: You know, getting this lady back in from Kansas City who was seen taking the files from Vince Foster’s office and all that.

RUSH: Maggie Williams. So the slogan is take out Hillary now and remove all doubt?

CALLER: No. ‘Take Her Out And End All Doubt.’

RUSH: Take her out and remove all doubt?

CALLER: And end all doubt.

RUSH: End all doubt. ‘Take Her Out And End All Doubt.’ Michaele? I’m talking to Michaele back in the website. We gotta come up with a new graphic with this, because this is a good one. We’ve got competing campaign slogans for Mrs. Clinton. ‘Take Her Out, End All Doubt.’ Is that it?


RUSH: Go ahead. You have something else to say, go ahead.

CALLER: Yes. I wanted to make the observation that your words and your actions are inconsistent concerning Valentine’s Day. You refer to Valentine’s Day as a fake holiday or something like that, and said that you don’t yield to the pressure to give gifts, and yet you gave away a Sleep Number Bed yesterday and one on Wednesday. So… I’m (unintelligible).

RUSH: Purely inadvertent. I didn’t do that because it was Valentine’s Day yesterday. See, if I wanted to, I’d say, ‘Yes, you’re right. I’m such a sweet guy. I knew it was Valentine’s Day and I gave away some things, even though I personally do not fall into line on these conventional wisdom holidays.’ Speaking of this, Rebecca, I was going to do this before you said what you just said. Have you ever had anything from Allen Brothers? You’ve heard me advertise it: ‘The best steak in America.’ Have you ever had anything from there?


RUSH: Why not?


RUSH: Never got around to it?

CALLER: It’s kind of pricey.

RUSH: Well, yeah. So is advertising on this program. That’s because it’s worth it.

CALLER: Well, I know. We have eight children, and so we have to kind of, you know, be careful what we spend.

RUSH: That’s even better, because I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. This happened to me. About two weeks ago — and this was somewhat embarrassing. Now, stick with me on this, Rebecca. Don’t go anywhere. About two weeks ago, I got on e-mail from my good friend David Rosow down in Palm Beach, who was just elected to the town council down there. He said, ‘We just had the Allen Brothers shepherd’s pie. It was fabulous,’ and I’m looking at the e-mail, and I said, ‘What is Allen Brothers shepherd’s pie?’ He had it before I did, and I didn’t even know about it. So I got on the phone to Allen Brothers, said, ‘What is this?’ They’ve got some new heat-and-serve things. I’ve finally tasted it, and it is delicious. They’ve got the shepherd’s pie, Wagyu meatloaf — I’ve had all these things now — and Wagyu corned beef hash. You crack a little egg on that when you put it in the skillet. All three of these things are delicious, and they come already prepared. You just heat ’em up. You don’t ‘wave ’em! You don’t wave ’em, folks. You put ’em in the oven, 375, 45 minutes, and they are just delicious. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, Rebecca. I’m going to send you a selection of these things, because with eight kids — are they all still living at home?

CALLER: Yes. Well, one of them is away at college, but he still technically lives at home.

RUSH: He’ll show up for this. I guarantee you he will show up for this.

CALLER: (laughs) Well, thank you!

RUSH: I need you to hold on after we hang up.


RUSH: So Snerdley can get all the information.

CALLER: All right. Well, thank you very much.

RUSH: Wait, wait. I’m going to send you an assortment of the shepherd’s pie, the Wagyu meatloaf — and I’m also going to send you some steaks since you haven’t tasted them, because you’ve got to taste them.

CALLER: Oh, well, thank you.

RUSH: And we’ll send enough here for your family to be able to taste a lot of this stuff for a long time, because you’re very sweet, you’re very creative. It’s very clever: ‘Take Her Out, End All Doubt.’

CALLER: Well, thank you, and have a belated happy Valentine’s Day.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: See, because I’m a believer in Valentine’s Day.

RUSH: Well, see, see what faith and belief have given you?

CALLER: (giggles) Thank you so much.

RUSH: All right, thanks, Rebecca. Now, don’t hang up, Rebecca!


RUSH: The next person you talk to will be Snerdley. All right?

CALLER: Okay. Great talking to you.

RUSH: You bet. Folks, I am not kidding. These new things from Allen Brothers, shepherd’s pie, it’s just delicious. You know what it is. I don’t know how to describe it. The flavor is just out of this world. And you can get it all at ABSteaks.com, and they got Rush PACs up there. Just get a catalog. It’s beautiful. It has mouthwatering catalog pictures and so forth. Everything you get from Allen Brothers is stuff you cannot get at a grocery story or anywhere else — including these new heat-and-serve… What do you call it? Comfort foods. We all need comfort food, and these three items are just great additions.

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