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RUSH: It’s House and Senate races that are going to count here, regardless how you vote in the presidential race. And this is going to be my emphasis and it has been my emphasis. And, in fact, I gave an example last week after the Maryland primary, a challenging Republican defeated an alleged incumbent Republican. Guy’s name was Wayne Gilchrist, that voted against the war. The challenger Republican won big, shocked everybody, especially because the conventional wisdom here is is that the Republican Party is eschewing itself of conservatism, people gotta get rid of it. Grab cut eight, Mike, if you will. People have to understand here, the conservative wing of the Republican Party is losing its power, it’s being diminished here, it’s being redefined and we’ve gotta go more mainstream establishment Republican-type Big Government, compassionate government, Republicanism, blah, blah, blah. And yet here in the state of Maryland, Andy Harris, member of the Senate there, was victorious over Wayne Gilchrist. And I pointed this out as exactly the kind of thing that needs to take place. Sunday on C-SPAN on a roundtable looking at the 2008 congressional elections, Representative Chris Van Hollen, who is running the Democrat House elections, says that Andy Harris, the guy who won in this district in Maryland appeals to me, but listen to what else he says.

VAN HOLLEN: The other seat in Maryland where an incumbent lost, which is Wayne Gilchrist, who is a Republican member of Congress, he lost in the Republican primary to a very right-wing ideologue, Senator Andy Harris, member of the Maryland Senate, is great in reflecting the views of sort of the Rush Limbow very right wing on the Republican Party. But he does not represent that district as a whole. It’s a very moderate district. Wayne Gilchrist was a moderate, independent-minded member of Congress. And the Democratic candidate who emerged from the primary, Frank Kratovil, is an independent-minded person in the mold of Wayne Gilchrist. So now we have a candidate who’s a much better fit for that district than Andy Harris is.

RUSH: May I translate this for you? This is a Democrat, this is Chris Van Hollen, he runs the Democrat house elections, and he says that Andy Harris, who appeals to me, Rush Limbow, but that their Democrat candidate is more like the Republican that was rejected in the primary. That’s the point! That’s the point. Their Democrat that is going to be running against Andy Harris is more like the Republican that lost. Precisely.

Now, his point is that their guy is going to win since he’s closer to the incumbent. That’s not the way this works. We shall see. I love it when the Democrats try to help us, when they try to tell us who we need to nominate to win. I love it when the Drive-Bys tell us who we need to nominate to win. I love it, folks. What I don’t like is when people on our side believe the advice we’re getting from liberal Democrats on what we need to do to win.

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