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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton, somebody brought her up recently in — I was going to mention this earlier, and I forget the context of it. I want to go ahead and mention this. Mrs. Clinton, what is her big patter on the campaign trail? She’s saying she’ll work tirelessly, right? She’s worked tirelessly for 35 years. She will work tirelessly every minute, every day she’s in office, right? She said that to New Yorkers when she ran for the Senate. Now, I ask you a question, especially those of you in New York. If running around the country losing primaries is working hard for New York every minute of every day, then we have lost the meaning of words. Who’s next? Art in Shepherd, Montana, I’m glad you called, Art. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. You know, I was just listening to the 13-page manifesto by the illustrious Hillary, and it strikes me that either she thinks most of us are stupid or that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. First place, since the seventies, 60% of our doctors, engineers, and scientists have come from overseas. If she gets her program through, all those countries that they came from are now very rapidly growing and they don’t have pain and suffering as their lawsuits. Second thing, she’s attacked Exxon, Shell, and other companies. Well, British Petroleum, BP is British Petroleum. Royal Dutch Shell is Royal Dutch Shell. Exxon has offices in Esso Malaysia, Esso Australia. How difficult is it to move those corporate offices from the United States to those countries? You take Hewlett Packard, calculators, electronics and so on. Their principal manufacturing place has been Singapore since the seventies. Texas Instruments has been in Malaysia since the seventies. IBM is moving into China. Every largest — every largest automobile factory in the world is now in China. How difficult is it for those companies to move overseas and abandon the United States? I mean if you go down to Exxon Baton Rouge and you take a look at the job site and the plant down there, if they close that, that immediately becomes a Superfund site. Totally — like I say, she is absolutely lying to the American public. Barack is lying to the American public. And if I take a look at all the candidates that are currently still viable — Huckabee is not, but even if I consider him viable, the only one that is in favor of the defense of the United States is McCain, and regardless of whether I like him or not on any other thing, if you don’t have security, you don’t have a country. None of the other things matter.

RUSH: Well, yes. And if you have open borders, you don’t have security.

CALLER: That’s right. And I — I dislike McCain for that. I dislike the McCain-Feingold. I dislike the McCain-Kennedy. I dislike the McCain-Lieberman. And I dislike the Keating Five, and I dislike the Gang of 14. Like I say —

RUSH: That’s a lot of dislikes.

CALLER: Yeah, but all the others are worse.

RUSH: That’s what I mean. This is the one when we all get screwed one way or another election. I want to talk about Hillary’s 13-page manifesto that you referred to here and your speculation that she’s either stupid, dumb, or is lying. I don’t think we can take the chance on any of those. She’s a socialist liberal. I don’t think that she is lying, I think she is telling us what she would really like to do. You know damn well she is saying what she thinks is going to get her the Democrat nomination. And that’s scary enough, and Obama is pretty much saying the same thing. And you listen to what these two candidates are telling their audiences, telling their voters as they try to get this nomination, and you’ll find out just where the Democrat Party is today and what they think this country ought to be and how it ought to be changed. And what they think it ought to be and how they think it ought to be changed is frightening to me. Let’s go through some of these things. I gotta take a break. We’ll go through these things after we come back from the time-out, her 13-page manifesto and another typical Democrat trick. It was — it was once performed very famously and prominently by the Breck Girl. Hillary did it again recently.


RUSH: The Hillary Clinton manifesto. Thirteen-page blueprint for fixing the economy. Detailing her plans to achieve universal health care, address the home foreclosure crisis, and develop jobs for the middle class. Now, do you realize what she’s doing here with this? If you look at the details of this — I don’t have enough time here to go over all of the details. Over the past seven years, big corporations and special interests have been given a free pass to profit, often at the expense of the American worker. As president, Hillary will make it a priority to scale back special benefits and subsidies to these corporations and put those resources back to work for our economy again, as though corporate profits don’t work for the economy. She gonna rein in special interests, take back at least 55 billion — at least $55 billion per year from drug companies, oil companies, and firms that ship jobs overseas and invest those resources to improve the lives of working families. Socialism, pure and simple.

But whose plan is this? This is the key. This is the Breck Girl’s plan! The intellectual leader of the left, the grand pooh-bah of modern liberalism, is the Breck Girl, who’s out of the race. Hillary and Obama are both racing to claim Edwards’ side of the planet. She can’t possibly mean it. We hope Obama doesn’t mean it. And we do know that when John Edwards put all this to the voters, he bombed. He blew himself up. It didn’t require the convention hall in Denver being blown up with him in it. He blew himself up. And now they’re following him over the cliff with this. Desperation and panic have set in to the Clinton and Obama campaigns.

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