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Rush’s Morning Update: Castro!
February 20, 2008

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You know, folks, it’s hard to miss the outright hero worship in the Drive-By’s coverage of Fidel Castro’s “retirement.” Here’s a Reuters story casting Castro as a 20th century revolutionary –instead of the tyrant that he is:

“Castro is admired in many Third World nations for standing up to the United States and providing free education and health care,” Reuters says. Cuba has been transformed into “an egalitarian society” which has “achieved health and literacy levels on a par with industrialized nations.” Reuters continues: “Castro caught the imagination of the left by pitting his small country against the United States and declaring Cuba a Marxist state even before the Berlin Wall was erected.”

Well, forget the stupid “imagination of the left.” Here’s reality. Under Castro, a once-flourishing island paradise was transformed into a poverty-stricken, desolate hellhole where basic human liberties do not exist. Human remains lie under the waters of the Atlantic –the last breath given in an attempt to flee Fidel’s tyranny.

Castro represents everything our Founders stood against. Yet today, American liberals blindly suggest that we emulate Castro;abandon free markets in favor of socialism, expand state control, and target businesses as enemies of the state. Evidence of Cuba’s ruin is on full display for anybody with open eyes,and Hugo Chavez is doing the same damage to Venezuela, following in Castro’s footsteps. Castro was an evil force in the world. Is an evil force in the world. And so he will remain until he assumesroom temperature.

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