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RUSH: We go to Kathy in Minersville, Pennsylvania. Nice to have you here.



CALLER: Rush, I was told to get right to the point so I will. And the point is that Hillary was dead in the water before she even threw her hat into the ring.

RUSH: That’s like a Mafia term. Are you sure you want to stick with that, dead in the water?

CALLER: Well, no, no, it’s the truth, it’s the truth, because, first of all, not just because she’s not as likable as Obama, but because she is a woman and from time immemorial, woman has been the cause of all of the falls and ills of mankind, going back to when Eve tempted Adam. And of course when he had the opportunity to say, ‘I own up to it, I did it,’ he blamed his gift from God, the woman. And of course we know about Zeus creating Pandora, and the only thing left after she disbursed all of the ills onto the world was the little gift in the bottom of the box, which was hope. So anybody, whether it be Obama or whoever, you know, running against her has to use this idea, this concept of hope, because it seems to be the only thing that would stand up against the ills brought upon society. And, of course, you could even blame Hillary to a degree for Bill’s dalliances. Maybe she was too much of a man for him to handle, I don’t know, but certainly he —

RUSH: Where we headed here, Kathy? We’re on an interesting track here. I see a little fork coming up here in the road.

CALLER: Well, the thing is, you know —

RUSH: No, wait a minute. Don’t lose your train of thought here, but you seem to be saying that she had no chance because she’s a woman?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Just simply because women have been responsible for most of the ills that have broken out on the planet, and it is they who pay the price?

CALLER: Right. Hm-hm.

RUSH: You believe that? You believe that? Are you being facetious? You’re very clever here.

CALLER: Well, actually, you know —

RUSH: I know you don’t really believe that women are responsible for all the tumult and the chaos.

CALLER: Of course not. Of course not. But there are those, you know, of limited understanding who, whether or not they vocalize that, believe it, whether or not they articulate that, they believe it.

RUSH: Wait a minute.

CALLER: It’s deep seated within them.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Getting even more provocative. You are fabulous. Who do you mean when you say those of limited understanding?

CALLER: Well, I’m talking about the masses that are easily swayed by an ambiguous or esoteric term like hope, something not tangible that you can actually put your hand on or hold in your hand or say, okay, here is, you know, here’s hope, look at it.

RUSH: No, no, no, no. This is a clever evasion, but I am also good. You weren’t talking about hope here. You were talking about the limited understanding of people who believe that women are the source of our cultural problems.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Who are those people?


RUSH: The Obama crowd running around there all caught up in hope does not believe that women are responsible for all the problems in the world.

CALLER: Okay. Well, their name is legion, if I have to number them, and they don’t necessarily just live in Stepford, but everywhere, including women themselves, you know. Like this victim mentality.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — you know, that a lot of women have.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah.

CALLER: — that, okay, we’re to blame to let’s just keep our mouths shut —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah.

CALLER: — or, you know, let’s just not exercise our rights to vote.

RUSH: Okay, let’s cut to the chase here because we gotta go to a break. You think simply because of her gender that Mrs. Clinton didn’t have a chance because there are enough people of limited understanding in this country who aren’t going to give power to a woman no matter what because of various traditional, religious, whatever beliefs they hold?

CALLER: Sure. And they may not want to own up to it but, you know, that’s it in a nutshell.

RUSH: Where do these people live? Is there a region, they congregate, or are they all over the place?

CALLER: Oh, I’d say they’re all over the place. There’s probably a lot of them —

RUSH: Very smart of you to say that.

CALLER: — a lot of them probably in the Bible Belt, but —

RUSH: That’s where I thought we were headed.

CALLER: Well, basically because they would have to say that, if they agree with what’s in the written Word, they would have to say, if they’re followers and they believe, they would have to say, well, yes, you know, Eve was the cause of all the ills coming upon mankind, and if they’re not, and if they believe in things like that mythology, well, they’re going to say, well, yeah, when she opened that box: envy, cruelty, disease, despair, hate —

RUSH: I see.

CALLER: — old age and lies came out.

RUSH: People that believe in astrology and psychics, this sort of thing, they’re out there, too.

CALLER: Well, sure they are.

RUSH: Well, okay, okay, I appreciate, I see what you mean now. I wish I could continue this. But I gotta take a profit center —


RUSH: — time-out here. Kathy, thanks very much. You’re very good, you’re really, really good, very, very dangerously good.


RUSH: Still reviewing the comments of Kathy from Minersville, Pennsylvania. I know what she was saying. I’ve always thought that in a civilized world, that it was women who really ran things; women who have the ultimate power over things. They’re the ones that say no. I’m talking about civilized relationships, civilized society. They may not be president yet, but they — believe me — we all know this to be true. But one thing, Kathy, in Minersville, Pennsylvania, and some of you might be offended by what Kathy said because basically she said that those of you who think Eve blew it believe that women aren’t going to be empowered no matter what because Eve blew it and that’s — those are Democrats. Those are Democrats blaming Hillary for taking a bite out of the apple. Those are Democrats doing this. When you say that Hillary never had a chance with a whole lot of people, it’s Democrats right now that are voting for or against Hillary. So what are we saying about these Democrats if the reason they’re voting against her is because she never had a prayer in the first place simply because she’s a woman.

Evelyn in Grand Rapids, Michigan, great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. A little different analysis of that problem. I think we need to look to the schools for ill-preparing voters and citizens to be discerning. Being a good citizen is a noble and a high calling, and its duties are taken so lightly. I believe that in the school, I think there are probably one in 2,000 people who understand that the legitimate function of civil government is to protect us. It isn’t to provide for us. And then, while it’s protecting us, it’s not protecting us from our ignorance or our carelessness, or our laziness, but from the marauder. It’s to protect you, Rush, from me or from any marauder anywhere.

RUSH: I couldn’t agree more, but all that went out the window with FDR. You’re right. That kind of stuff is not taught. Empty vessels are prepared in public school today, and they are prepared with conflict resolution and we make sure that their esteem is not harmed and so forth, and so after a number of years of this, somebody comes out speaking like Obama, an empty vessel speech maker, his speeches are empty, it’s kind of made to order. But, look, I couldn’t agree with you more. Not only is that kind of education not taught, critical thinking isn’t taught even in universities. They’ve all become indoctrination centers.

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