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RUSH: I mean the trends, the trends here away from Mrs. Clinton are striking. Now, a lot of people out there are saying it’s over. It’s over! I’m not sure. You know, we thought this about New Hampshire, too. I think you gotta wait ’til Texas comes in before you say it’s over, but it is time too start asking, what will Hillary and Bill do next? What are they going to do? And you’re at the right place to find out because nobody knows these people better than I do. Greetings, my friends, it’s great to have you here on the EIB Network, El Rushbo at 1-800-282-2882. The e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com. Warning, folks, I’m in a really irritable mood today. Everything is fine. It’s one of these days I’m bumping into things that aren’t there, I’m tripping over cardboard boxes when I try to get out from the desk. I’m getting irritated all the mouse clicks I have to make to complete functions. I’m going to get a handle on this, but I just want you to know. Again, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

The Democrat vote, obviously, is the most interesting here, from what happened yesterday in Wisconsin. So let’s start there. First thing, before anybody, you know, not to burst any bubbles out there, the vote last night was almost exactly as predicted by the polls. Let’s assume that the people are saying that it’s over and that Obama’s going to be the nominee. Let’s take that and run with it just for the sake of discussion. I think it will be pretty clear-cut here we’re going to have a hard-core, radical leftist in Barack Obama who is even more brazen in his views than George McGovern. Now, last night he did his usual vapid, nothing speech, but he also got very specific on economics last night, folks, and it’s not pretty, and it is as bad as anything Mrs. Clinton is talking about. So we’re going to have a brazen, hard-core radical, probably to the left of George McGovern, versus a progressive hawk in John McCain. By progressive, of course, I mean a liberal on many major domestic agenda matters.

Here’s the problem for Hillary. Fifty percent of the country cannot stand her. That includes an awful lot of people in her own party. Obama offers them an alternative, and that’s a simple alternative. What we have here now is the equivalent of a prison break on the Democrat side. You’ve got a lot of them who felt obligated to support Hillary for a number of reasons who are now freed from that prison of obligation. So you’ve got a prison break going on on the Democrat side. Now, what is Hillary going to do? You know, everybody’s asked, ‘What’s Huckabee going to do?’ There are any number of things that Mrs. Clinton could do now. Let’s go through a list of some of these things. Does she have the vision and the experience to recognize that it’s over, or will she play out the string much like Huckabee? Is she capable of losing gracefully like Romney and planning for her future ambitions? No, there’s no future ambition — this is it. The whole kit and caboodle is wrapped up in this election. Number three. Will she and her husband tear the Democratic Party apart and blow up the convention hall in Denver with every loophole and bomb and court brief at their command in order to secure this? Possible. Will they ask for something huge in order to get out, such as demand the Democrats build a new bridge over the Potomac, a toll bridge, with all the revenue going to Bill’s massage parlor in Little Rock? They could ask for something huge here.

All these Democrats thought that they would have to vote for Hillary, that she was inevitable. Now she’s not only vulnerable, Hillary Clinton is flat on her back now. Now, I don’t know what they’re doing behind the scenes. They’re going to see how it goes in Texas and Ohio. If they lose Texas and Ohio, there’s really nothing they can pull to save themselves, other than going bonkers at the convention. Now, one thing that we have found out this morning that they are doing, ABC News has learned that a group of Democrat politicos have set up a new 527 called the American Leadership Project with the express purpose of helping Hillary beat Obama in Ohio and possibly Texas and Pennsylvania as well. ‘Free from campaign finance rules –‘ thank you, Senator McCain — ‘Free from campaign finance rules, ALP will not be legally permitted to coordinate with the Clinton campaign–‘ (laughing) — so? So what? ‘–but it is clearly intended to help her. The group is targeting through TV ads, mail, and phone communications white women under 50 in the Ohio area — specifically Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown, Charleston (WV), Wheeling- Steubenville, Zanesville, and Parkersburg (WV). White men will also be a focus, and if there are any excess funds, Latinos in Texas and middle class families in Pennsylvania will also be targeted. ‘Our purpose is to encourage audiences to look beyond the campaign speeches and political rhetoric to specific proposals to address these core issues,’ says an ALP mission statement.’

So I guess what we can infer from this, ladies and gentlemen, is that the existing 527s and all the other Clinton front groups from Media Matters for America to — (interruption) what is it? There’s so many of them. What? MoveOn.org. Well, I’m not sure — MoveOn.org — I don’t know where their loyalties are lying right now, but that’s one. Americans Coming Together. Then there’s the thing Podesta runs, Center for American Progress, or whatever. I don’t know. All these different things out there have failed in this cycle. So they’ve set up a new one here specifically for Ohio and maybe Texas and Pennsylvania. Now, something else that she might try to do. Look, these are the Clintons. You don’t put anything past them when you’re talking the kind of ambition and plans that they have. She may send out feelers, and this is going to happen after Texas, or it may not happen ’til the convention, but she might send out feelers to try to become vice president. This was unthinkable just months ago, just weeks ago, Hillary is on the ticket. But if that’s the last option she has to get to the Oval Office, don’t rule it out, folks. Remember, we are talking about the Clintons.

I’m just giving you a list of possibilities here. She could try to become the veep. Then if Obama wins, work to undermine him and eventually quietly seek his impeachment. I mean who knows. What we do know is that it’s going to continue to be all about her and Bill. Now, if the Democrats were smart — and they’re not — they will use all of this to cleanse themselves of the Clintons. They have that opportunity if they really want to — talk about moving forward and so forth — if they really want to do that, this is a great opportunity for them to just wash the Clintons right out of the party. The Clintons have had vise-grips hold on this party since 1992. It is clear this party, the people, the voters in this party are rejecting them. Now, the problem is the Democrat machine is the Clintons. So the Democrats have some serious questions to ask themselves, amidst all this euphoria that they think they’re feeling and that is genuine.


RUSH: It’s hard to know if Mrs. Clinton is genuinely out of this yet. But I’ll tell you these exit poll numbers out of Wisconsin last night — one thing interesting about them is this. The base of the Democratic Party seems to be as split in the primaries as the Republican Party is. Obama won women 51-49. Now, that’s a split. The interesting thing about women, white females, in primary states through February 18th, the Clinton margin of victory was 21% in white females. In Wisconsin, her margin of victory among white females was 8. That’s a net difference. She’s lost 13 points. She’s trending in the wrong way; she’s losing a lot of things. That’s why that’s numbers are getting closer here. Obama won all age-groups under 65. He won all education levels, including the dumb, which she was able to make a claim to. He won all regions of the state of Wisconsin, urban, suburban, and rural. He won voters without college degrees 50-48. He won among Democrats 50-49. He won among whites 53-46, white men 59-38. Voters who decided in the last week, 58-42. Won or tied voters of all income levels, tied among white women, tied among union members, tied among union households. As I say, these exit numbers by themselves are striking, but the trend, Mrs. Clinton used to have huge advantages in a number of these categories and has lost them.


RUSH: By the way, I left out a category on the Wisconsin exit poll data. Hillary Clinton did win one group, the second generation transgender amputees. She’s always done well with that group, and she sewed them up once again last night.

RUSH: Another See, I Told You So. Moving right along here, this is what I said two days ago on this very program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I don’t think most of us can understand the lust, the sense of entitlement, wanting something since you were 19 in college and thinking that just because you wanted it, it was yours. And after planning an entire life, forgoing the normal pursuits of happiness and pleasure in exchange for every day of your life being a calculation: the people you hang with, the friends you supposedly make, all of the money you raise, the obligations that you enter into, all of it engineered not for the genuine human concerns of relationships and family and friends, but for a political prize, and to have it six months after you thought it was inevitable be up for grabs and just go away quietly? Folks, it’s not going to be that — that’s why this is, to me, shaking out to be so much fun, because we haven’t even seen the fireworks start yet.

RUSH: All right, the next sound bite is set up by that. Ashley Wilkes was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today. Retired General Wesley Clark, team Hillary member, is a guest, Joe Scarborough said, ‘Hey, the Clinton campaign never saw this type of landslide coming, did they?’

CLARK: Well, I don’t know. I’m not inside the campaign in the sense of sort of working it day by day, but I’ve known Hillary Clinton for a long time, and she’s a very resolute person. She’s got a lot of great ideas. She’s wanted this opportunity all her life and she’s going to work it very, very hard.

RUSH: He-he-he-he-he. See, folks, I’m telling you, I know these people. I know exactly what’s motivating them and what they’re going to do when they get desperate, which they are now getting desperate. Wait ’til you hear some of the other sound bites coming up from MSNBC, Chris Matthews, remember he got taken to the woodshed by Hillary twice, had to apologize a couple of times, maybe once, and Shuster did. He’d been in the tank for Obama up until last night. All of a sudden they’ve done a big 180 over at PMSNBC for Mrs. Clinton, and it’s obvious that it comes after Mrs. Clinton threatens not to show up on the network for one of their televised debates.

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