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“These Clintons are like cockroaches. They’ll be the last thing left after a nuclear blast.”

“If I travel someplace, I get sick. I’m getting mad about it. I only went up to Georgia yesterday. It’s not like I went all the way up to New York where this stuff is floating around in the air all over the place. It makes me mad!”

“I have never once watched a Snoopy television show. I have never read a Snoopy book. I have only seen Snoopy on the blimp covering golf tournaments. Fine: Adults watched Snoopy. I didn’t.”

“In the Democrat Party, there are no rules; there are just traditions and customs. There are no rules in a knife fight, either.”

“Socialism saps entrepreneurism. It saps the creation of wealth. You try to have a functioning society without the creation of wealth. It’s a bad, bad deal out there, David. It’s very bad.”

“I have no class? Well, sorry you think that, Tanisha. By the way, Tanisha is one of my all-time, top-ten favorite female names.”

“I think the Clintons have been laboring under all kinds of misconceptions. One of them is that the country loves them and is desperate to have them back. The second one is that the Democrats really, really love them and want them back.”

“By definition, socialism cannot be compassionate. It’s an illusion. It cannot achieve equality like it promises unless everybody’s equally miserable.”

“Well, that’s it for today, folks. I’m going to do everything I can to be in here tomorrow, but it all depends on how it goes with the ravages of this virus. I’m going home to go to bed, and maybe I’ll read a Curious George book.”

“We’re already screwed. What we have to do is limit the being screwed to as small a screwdriver as it can be.”


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