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RUSH: Julie in Kodiak, Alaska. Hello.

CALLER: Good morning, Rush.


CALLER: Mega dittos from the last frontier, where the environment and the isolation creates naturally independent, strong, and conservative minds.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I like that.

CALLER: I was calling today because I heard on our statewide news that one of the running mates for McCain being considered would be our governor from the great state of Alaska.

RUSH: Talked about this I think yesterday or the day before.

CALLER: Yeah. I think that it would create quite the paradox for your Drive-By Media. Our governor, Sarah Palin, is intellectual, she is —

RUSH: How do you pronounce her last name?

CALLER: Palin.

RUSH: Sarah Palin. Okay.

CALLER: Yep. She’s been heralded throughout the state as being personable, likable, intelligent, strong, and conservative. And she crosses over from conservative to liberalism not in thought, but because she stands by what she believes in. And, surprisingly enough, she has been at the forefront of ethics reform in our great state —

RUSH: Yeah, plus she’s a housewife, before that, she’s a babe. I saw a picture.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Well, it’s undeniable.

CALLER: Well, it is undeniable, and that’s why the paradox is there for me. I think that because she’s intelligent, number one, conservative maybe number one also, but she is photogenic, she is likable, she is engaging. When you meet her, she is interested in you, she speaks well.

RUSH: By the way, wait a second. I’m not diminishing any of those things by pointing out that she’s a babe.

CALLER: Oh, no, no, no.

RUSH: The babe is the icing on the cake aspect, something the Democrats can’t claim on their side.

CALLER: Exactly, especially when the highest Democrat that you can speak of is Mrs. Bill Clinton.

RUSH: You said it, not I. I just advanced the theory.

CALLER: Well, I can tell you that Governor Palin doesn’t have to lift her chin up to 12 o’clock to get a good photo of her.

RUSH: I just love you. I love you, Julie. I love listening to women talk about other women like this.

CALLER: I am not berating Mrs. Bill Clinton, I am just —

RUSH: No, of course not. You are elevating Madam Palin.

CALLER: (laughing) Exactly.

RUSH: Absolutely.

CALLER: She can’t take a bad picture not even from the back end.

RUSH: (laughing) She can’t take a bad picture even from the back end. All of which you say is true. Her name has been thrown up there. She has four kids, I think she’s 42 years old, very conservative. I don’t know how serious it is, but her name has been thrown in the hopper out there. Look, Julie, I’m glad you called. Thanks much.

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