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RUSH: Muskegon, Michigan is next. You’re up, Dan. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. What an honor. Former mailman dittos to you, Rush.

RUSH: Appreciate that, sir.

CALLER: I got a comment and then a question after that, if I could. My comment is that any one of these people running for president is going to change our daily life simply because nationalized health care is going to be on the forefront of their agenda. And, for me, that’s going to include about another $200 tax bill every six months or so.

RUSH: Might be more than that, depending on whose plan.

CALLER: Well, exactly. And, basically, all three of them are saying they’re going to open up the borders. So when you have an influx of another 40 or 50 million people, that changes my daily life.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute, wait a minute. Senator McCain says he’s not going to open the borders, says he’s going to close the border and then deal with the problem. That’s what he’s saying now.

CALLER: Well, yeah, but, you know, that’s not what he said before. He’s an open borders guy.

RUSH: Yeah. He said if the same amnesty bill crossed his desk that was defeated, he’d sign it, but he said it’s not going to because it’s not that time, people don’t want it yet and so forth. I think everybody ought to just brace yourselves. I know some people don’t think this is a big issue to people, and it may be one of these issues that subsides and then regains prominence and energy, but make no mistake, both parties are very eager to have open borders, and at some point, somehow, some way, if the right leaders in both parties happen to ascend to the right positions of power, they’re going to try for it again. And if they can’t do it in one big bite, they’ll do it incrementally. It’s something that’s not going to go away. It’s something both parties at high levels actually want. I heard, speaking of how the president is going to impact your daily life, I heard Clinton say something the other day. I forget where he was, but he was out on the campaign trail, and he was talking to some Hillary supporters or people he hoped would end up being Hillary supporters.

He said something to the effect, the rich don’t need a president, but for those of you who do need a president. It confirmed for me all the more the way liberals look at things. The rich don’t need a president. They don’t need anybody. They have themselves. But you and everybody else who’s not rich, why, you need a president. You need a president looking out for you. Clinton with a little window into the brain or the mind of how liberalism actually looks and functions. They see average Americans, and they need a president. They need somebody looking out for them. They need somebody protecting them. They need somebody getting even with the rich, for them, because the rich don’t need a president. Now, this is going to be an argument that is going to go on in this country for as long as we have a country, and that’s the role of government in individuals’ lives and that’s why you can’t ever expect to win it. You can periodically dominate, but it’s never going away.

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