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“If Barack Obama becomes president and therefore Michelle Obama becomes first lady, his biggest problem is going to be her mouth.””Sadly, it’s the nature of some people to want to be controlled. Well, it’s tough out there to assume responsibility for yourself. You realize how seductive it is when somebody tells you they’re going to take care of you? Look at these Obama rallies!”

“Pretty soon Obama’s going to be the man whose name cannot be mentioned, period — either Obama or Barack, much less Hussein. Uh, don’t tell anybody I said that. That’s just between you and me, folks.”

“Understand that the more prosperous, the happier, and the more content people are, the less need there is for liberalism. And the more people succeed in free-market capitalism, the greater the threat to liberalism.”

“If you read the piece by Angelina Jolie today in the Washington Post, you will conclude that she makes more sense than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or any democrat. It’s stunning! It sort of makes me appreciate this Brad Pitt guy a little more.”

“The terrorists are not going to fear Hillary, and they’re not going to fear Obama. They’ve made it clear that they campaign for Democrats. I mean, they use Democrat talking points when criticizing the United States of America!”

“It’s hideous what liberalism does to the human spirit. It’s an attempt to destroy it — even to the point of making enemies out of people who have achieved something or have become successful.”

“Conservatism doesn’t seek to control anybody. Conservatism seeks to liberate. Conservatism believes that the human being, the United States of America citizen, is capable of anything he or she wants.”

“You Obama people need to go back and make an ad as similar to Hillary’s as possible: ‘It’s 3:15 a.m. The phone, which started ringing at 3:00 a.m., is still ringing. And nobody’s answering it because Hillary’s beating the hell out of Bill for just showing up after a night out.'”

“I’ll tell you, I am worn out shuffling papers and clicking my mouse four times just to print a document. It’s stupid Microsoft Word — it’s the worst!”


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