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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi today in Waltham, Massachusetts, talking about a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket. For those of you in Rio Linda this is whether Hillary’s on top or on the bottom, and this is what Pelosi said.

PELOSI: I think that the Clinton administration has fairly ruled that out by proclaiming that Senator McCain would be a better commander-in-chief than Obama. I think that ticket, either way, is impossible.

RUSH: Well, now, wait a minute, didn’t I say just the same thing the other day? I said it a little different, but they all accused me of racism. I said, ‘Clinton-Obama, Obama-Clinton, that ticket doesn’t have a chance.’ Nancy Pelosi is saying the same thing. ‘I think the Clinton administration has fairly ruled that out by proclaiming that Senator McCain would be a better commander-in-chief than Obama.’ And that’s the 3 a.m. telephone ad that she’s talking about. So Pelosi is saying, ‘I think that ticket, either way, is impossible.’ Now, what’s behind this? This is more chaos, more chaos that has broken out in the Democrat Party, thanks, of course, to you and your Rush the Vote crossover strategery in Ohio and Texas last week. The real story here is that Pelosi wants nothing to do with Hillary Clinton anywhere near the White House, president or vice president, the Queen Bee Syndrome. In fact, I’ll tell you, Mike, do me — I’m talking to the broadcast engineer — we need a sound effect of a bumblebee buzzing around any time we have a Pelosi sound bite from now on, especially if she’s talking about Hillary. The Queen Bee Syndrome is alive, and it is in place, and Pelosi here has demonstrated that it is alive and well and functioning in Washington, DC.


RUSH: You gotta hear these. This is whether or not Obama should be on the top or bottom of the ticket. This is Clinton people saying that Obama should be on the bottom of the ticket, and some say he shouldn’t even be on the ticket at all. Howard Wolfson in a conference call with reporters yesterday, was talking about Obama and his qualifications.

WOLFSON: Senator Clinton will not choose any candidate who has not, at the time of the choosing, passed the national security threshold. Period. But we have a long way to go between now and Denver, and it’s not something that she is prepared to rule out at this point.

RUSH: She’s not even going to win this, Howard! She doesn’t lead anything. I’m telling you, these people are going to tear down this party in order to get this. They will do it! She’s already acting like she’s got this wrapped up. Obama’s going to cream her tonight in Mississippi. It’s going to be huge, and they’re still going to be talking about this. Did you hear what Wolfson said? Well, he’s not qualified to be vice president now, but it’s a long time between now and Denver, which is August. In August he might be qualified. We’re not to that point yet. Here’s Lanny Davis on Anderson Cooper 180 on CNN last night. Cooper said, ‘Lanny, it’s interesting. Obama said if he’s not ready to be president, as she’s indicated, why does she think he’d be such a great vice president?’

DAVIS: Let’s just set the record straight. She didn’t propose that he be vice president. She’s responding to questions that came up first at a debate in California, and the answer when both of them showed openness to the possibility of that dream ticket and that combination. There was a huge ovation, and she said, ‘You can have both of us.’ Suppose she had answered the question, ‘No, I wouldn’t consider Barack Obama as vice president, then she’d be accused of awful stuff.’ Why is he so offended by her saying, ‘If you want both of us, you might have a chance to have both of us’? That’s all she said. So I don’t really get the level of his reaction.

RUSH: It doesn’t matter what she said. The campaign, Lanny, is out there saying it, that she should be on top of a dream ticket. The campaign said we’re open to this, but now they’re trying to obfuscate. Here’s Mrs. Clinton herself in Scranton, Pennsylvania, yesterday — and, as usual, she doesn’t know anything about any of this.

HILLARY: This thing has really been given a life of its own. You know, a lot of Democrats like us both and have been, you know, very hopeful that, uh, uh, they wouldn’t have to make a choice, but obviously Democrats have to make a choice. And I’m looking forward to getting the nomination, and it’s premature to talk about whoever might be on whose ticket.

RUSH: Well, you better shut your staff up because they’re the ones doing all the talking. This is how Hillary slithers out of all of this stuff. ‘I don’t know! I don’t know what they’re doing.’ These are the people who want to run your health care.

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