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RUSH: All right, the Clintons. There was a conference call with reporters yesterday. The New York Observer’s Jason Horowitz was talking to Hillary’s communications director, Howard Wolfson. He asked Wolfson a question about me. Now, his question is all wrong. I never took credit for what happened in Mississippi, and I did not urge Republicans to cross over in Mississippi to vote for Hillary. I’m being credited with it because more Republicans than normal did cross over and vote for Hillary, and that might have been residual from the week before when the strategery was actively urged on this program for Republicans to vote for Hillary in Ohio and Texas. I said, even after the Mississippi results came in the next day, Wednesday, I didn’t take credit for this. I disavow any credit for what happened in Mississippi. We wanted Obama to win. We want Obama to win everything ’til we get to Pennsylvania, and then we get back in gear. But, remember, for Pennsylvania, if you want to cross over there, you Republicans, you gotta register by 24th of March if you want to do it legally. We want Hillary to win Pennsylvania. You know what the strategery has been, you know the Limbaugh Effect, Operation Rush the Vote, Create Chaos. So here’s this exchange, keeping in mind that the reporter here, Jason Horowitz, gets the premise in Mississippi wrong.

HOROWITZ: Rush Limbaugh was saying today that he thinks that it was because a lot of Republicans in Mississippi were voting for Senator Clinton because they want her to be the nominee. Do you think that that has any role in it?

WOLFSON: Absolutely not. I understand that that might be his spin, or the spin of others. Look there’s a Gallup poll that just came out that had Senator Obama and Senator Clinton both equally running ahead of Senator McCain by two points. I think the notion is laughable that people are going to vote for anyone for reasons other than the fact that they believe that they are going to be the best president regardless of party. I just think that that doesn’t hold water. I think it is an effort by the other camp and others to explain away our recent success with independents and Republicans.

RUSH: See, they’re ungrateful. I knew they’d never thank me, and I wasn’t expecting them to thank me. In fact, I was expecting to be dissed. They wouldn’t be the Clintons if they weren’t dissing me and threatening me like Hillary did recently. ‘Be careful what you wish for, Rush.’ Ooh! I cowered in the corner. Chris Matthews isn’t buying it, though. Chris Matthews says don’t doubt the Limbaugh Effect.

MATTHEWS: Is Rush Limbaugh’s master plan working? You bet it is. He’s almost hoping that Republicans will vote for Senator Clinton to keep her around to bloody up Barack Obama. The strategy could be working. Even though Clinton lost last night in Mississippi, the Republicans indeed showed her some love down there. According to our NBC exit polling, what percentage of Clinton’s overall vote in Mississippi came from Republicans last night? Twenty-four percent of the Clinton vote was from Republicans. That’s almost one in four. Twenty-four percent of Clinton’s vote in Mississippi came from Republicans crossing over to vote in the Democratic primary, apparently according to the wishes of himself, Rush Limbaugh. I’m sure it warms his megawatt heart.

RUSH: (laughing) That is Chris Matthews. That was on Hardball last night on DNCTV. Let’s go back to February 25th on this program. This is what I said about women and the Democrat primary election.

RUSH ARCHIVE: What prediction did I make to you last week that’s already starting to come true? I’ve given you one instance of it last week, and that is that women, I don’t care if they’re Democrat women, feminist women, liberal women, when all is said and done, if Hillary loses this thing, are going to be fit to be tied. They are going to be fit to be tied that men in this country forsake a brilliant, committed, experienced woman for a rookie guy, and then they’re going to blame white guys for being sexist instead of racist. In fact, we can almost say we have a new category here, the Angry White Woman.

RUSH: Actually, we’ve got a new category that was given to us earlier by Lorraine X, Quintessential Angry Feminist Democrat White Woman, is what they are. Notice I didn’t say Angry White Republican Woman. No, no, no. Because Republican women really don’t have a dog in this fight, she said. So it’s Quintessential Angry Feminist Democrat White Women. Okay. So made that prediction, you just heard it. Here on Hardball last night again, the guest is the Independent Women’s Voice president Michelle Bernard. Matthews says, ‘Why do people in the Clinton camp and why do people generally take offense at what Geraldine Ferraro said?’

BERNARD: He is not an affirmative action candidate, he is highly qualified. He’s captured the imagination of everyone in this nation and she seems to be really denigrating him and kind of saying, ‘You know what, realize your place,’ it’s almost as if we are beginning to see the evolution of the Angry White Female or the Angry Democratic White Female in this election.

RUSH: I predicted the Angry White Woman, February 25th predicted. Now, Michelle Bernard, I know Michelle, and she’s Jamaican. She’s American, but parents of Jamaica. And she’s sharp. She’s conservative. But, friends, I know what I’m talking about here.

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