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Rush’s Morning Update: Royal Welcome
March 14, 2008

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This week, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice testified before the House subcommittee that oversees appropriations for the State Department. This is usually a dull deal that doesn’t cause a blip on the radar screen.

Butto get in and out of the hearing,shehad to walk a gauntlet of antiwar fringe kooks, sporting blood-colored hands, shouting taunts of “war criminal,” and so forth. Typical behavior from these wackos;and typical of what Republicans have to deal with in the Beltway.

Inside the hearing room, however, as Condi Rice was giving testimony,there were more fringe kooks; they hadsigns reading: “Condi Kills Kids.” When Republicans members complained, committee chair Nita Lowey(Democrat-New York/friend of Eliot Spitzer)said: “We are here in the United States of America. And as long as they don’t disrupt this proceeding, and as long as they’re silent, they will be welcome.”

Well, the protesters weren’t silent; they disrupted the proceedings with outbursts, but they were welcomed anyway. The protesters, by the way, are part of the same group that was given preferential parking permits by the city council to conduct unruly protests at a military recruiting facility in Berkeley, California.

So. Here we are.United States of America. We’renot allowed to use the middle name of a certain Democrat presidential candidate. Yet inside Congress– conducting official business– liberals can parade their hate, and receive a royal welcome from the Democrats in charge.

To quote Eliot Spitzer: “I wonder if that woman set me up?”

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