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RUSH: Rita in Belleville, Illinois, great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hello. It’s a good job I wrote this down because I would have forgotten it by now. Ha. Anyway —

RUSH: She’s only been on hold for two hours, folks. I’m sorry about that, Rita, that’s why we wanted to get to you but I’m glad you took drastic action here to remember what you called about.

CALLER: Well, I’m calling about why we cannot have Hillary in the White House. Because she wants to do a national health thing.

RUSH: So does Obama. There’s no difference in these two.

CALLER: Well, they should go over to England and see what national health has done to people.

RUSH: I know you know because you’re from there. We’ve been talking about that and also what’s happened in Canada, but you misunderstand the hubris and the arrogance of Democrats. If they were going to go to London or to the UK to find out how health care is, national health care doesn’t work, all they have to do is go to the Soviet Union to find out how communism and socialism didn’t work, but it hasn’t dissuaded them from trying it here because they think the only thing that hasn’t happened is the right people haven’t tried it with the proper funding.

CALLER: Yeah, well, the thing is, though, the Labor Party has been closing hospitals —

RUSH: I know, women are being told to get midwives because there’s not enough room and there’s not enough pain medicine at the hospitals.


RUSH: What’s also — and you can confirm this, I got 20 seconds — what’s happened is a private medical practice has started up, people who can afford it are going to into medical institutions, hospitals and so forth, that are not part of the National Health Service, they’ve opted out.


RUSH: That will happen here, too, and you’ll end up with this rich vs. middle class strata that you have now. It would be a total mess. And I gotta go. We’re out of time, and the EIB obscene profit center time-out right now.


RUSH: I’ll tell you something else, when American liberals go to the UK they see the Tories as the Washington Generals, and they see the Labor Party as the Harlem Globetrotters, and they love that. Total power. Whether anything works or not is irrelevant. We work.


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