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RUSH: We have five sound bites from a pro-Clinton preacher. His name is the Reverend James David Manning, and he preaches at the ATLAH Worldwide Church in Harlem. This is now on YouTube, ladies and gentlemen. And, as I’ve warned you prior to the conclusion of the last hour, this is rough stuff. This is really, really rough stuff. But, this is something I think we all need to learn and expose ourselves to, because we’re being told that we are ignorant when it comes to the traditions and the context of the dynamics, if you will, of the traditional black church in America. So it’s just another example of what’s going on in a black church. This is in Harlem, the Reverend James David Manning, a pro-Hillary pastor.

MANNING: Obama is a mack daddy. Obama pimps white women and black women. He got started — you didn’t notice him ’til he brought out those big-chested white women with their tight T-shirts and their short pants. That’s what a pimp does. A con. You don’t get your campaign started with a big-chested white woman, she must be a 54-D, double D. And a pair of shorts on. That’s what started his campaign! He put his name on two big 54-Ds. Obama, that’s where you first saw his name, that’s the first place I saw it, on two great big old (bleep). He’s a mack daddy. He pimps white women and black women. Obama is a long-legged mack daddy. I haven’t trashed Obama. His African-in-heat father went a-whoring after a trashy white woman. He was born trash. I said he was born trash. I didn’t trash him. I’m speaking the truth about him. Now, once again, I am a diplomat, but I’m not a compromiser. I got a word in my mouth! I said I got the Word of God in my mouth, and God’s not afraid of Obama or anybody else or Ted Kennedy or that little Caroline or anybody else!

RUSH: All right, this is from February 16th of 2008. I told you, I told you this is rough stuff. Now, if you watch the video, if you watch the video, they’ve put together the Obama girl and the shorts and the T-shirt and so forth that Reverend James David Manning here is talking about. Here’s the next bite.

MANNING: He gave a quarter of a billion dollars to this community, up came all the new stores, restaurants, financing for condos, all of this happened, made this for you, and now you’re trashing him. I’m not making these statements because I’m supportive of Bill Clinton. When he was doing that, I told you about him, just like I’m speaking about this long-legged freak called Obama, I told you about Bill Clinton, a man that has built your home the way this home is built, and now you are trashing him and his wife, after he’s given you all that he’s given to you, from a man you have no idea what he’s going to do, and the reason why you’re doing it is not because of honor and integrity, but simply because he got a black face? But I told you, he also got a white mama! You hypocrites, you. You spineless you-know-what, you don’t have enough sense to pull piss out of a boot and you’re talking about Obama as your president. You’re despicable! No honor, no integrity. Well, I’m not in favor of Bill Clinton, but if a man has done for you as much as he has done and then for you to trash him away, you are trashing him makes you less than a maggot. But that’s how black men are, they don’t have anything. Again, black men don’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of, and they’re looking for Obama to give them more irresponsibility and unaccountability!

RUSH: Oh, my! This is painful to listen to you. This is happening in a church in Harlem last February 16th, the Reverend James David Manning, who is a pro-Clinton pastor. Will Hillary now be forced to have to defend this guy? I don’t know if he’s on her advisory committee or not. I told you this was rough stuff. But, you know, we’re being told to ignore Reverend Wright here. It’s not about Reverend Wright, we don’t understand what goes on, we don’t understand the history and the historical experiences and so forth and so on, and I’m here to tell you that listening to all this stuff, I will agree, I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. Now, the next bite, Reverend James David Manning in Harlem goes after affirmative action.

MANNING: They’re looking for the easy way out. They’re pimps and players. Black men, is who they are. Black women are player lovers. That’s why you go to the churches that you go to. You’re player lovers, rather than people of integrity, people of honor. You are the weakest people on the planet, and you have the audacity to accept affirmative action, which says that you are not as qualified as someone else, and you made it alone. You have accepted affirmative action and grinned and held parties to celebrate when the white man says we’ll make a law similar to the Dred Scott decision that says that you are not as qualified as others because of racism and slavery, therefore what is required of the white race is not required of you! And you have applauded affirmative action. You are ignorant, you are despicable through and through!

RUSH: He’s talking to his own congregation here. Now some people might agree with that. Some people might think he’s got a point here, talking to his flock regarding affirmative action. Now he, I think in this next bite, uses the word that Don Imus was fired for using.

MANNING: I am the voice crying in the wilderness of planet Earth to the black faces, return and repent, saith the Lord of Hosts of your wicked doings. I got this word from God. It’s in my mouth. The future of you African and African-American people is in my mouth! It’s not in your hand; it’s in my mouth! And I don’t have to compromise with not one of you nappy-head people. The Word of God is in my mouth. Your health is in my mouth! Your ability to eat bread is in my mouth. If I don’t speak, you don’t eat. The Word of God is in my mouth.

RUSH: The Reverend James David Manning of Harlem here in a sermon February 16th, 2008, pro-Clinton preacher who has had some very unkind things to say about Barack Obama in our early first sound bite. This is probably going to irritate some people, but I’m beginning to think maybe now I understand why liberals do not want American history taught in schools. They’d rather it be taught by preachers, be they Reverend Wright — hey, and if some of you are cringing over this, and I can imagine I’m using my empathy here, ‘Rush, why are you playing it?’ Well, I told you why we’re playing it. If you’re cringing over this, did you cringe over Jeremiah Wright? Look, we heard Jeremiah Wright, and everybody started making excuses, we gotta understand, we gotta understand, gotta understand the rage. Well, this guy is filled with his own form of rage, and he’s preaching it to the flock. Now, the difference, this guy is fully able and willing to insult his flock, in his own way. Jeremiah Wright is I guess doing so in a different manner. Back now to the big finish, and we return with James David Manning to Barack Obama.

MANNING: I’m here to speak the Word of God! I don’t have to compromise with you. You’ve been in this country as slaves for 500 years and you’re still marching and complaining that you don’t have anything, after 500 years! There must be something deficient about your intellectual strength. There must be something deficient about your God to let you be on the bottom as long as you’re on the bottom, and two years from now, Mexicans are going to be running your life and writing your paycheck. If I don’t stand up, I’m your last hope. After me, there will be no hope. Farrakhan didn’t get it for you. Barack is an emissary of the devil.


RUSH: There is one common denominator, ladies and gentlemen, between the rantings — uh, sorry — the sermons of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright in Chicago and the Reverend James David Manning in Harlem. There is one common denominator. Do you know what that might be? In the case of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the United States is the rotgut place it is because of rich white people. In the case of James David Manning, Obama is trashed because he had a white mother. So the common denominator in both of these reverends is that the problem is white people. The reason that this guy hates Obama is because his mother’s white, and he went out there and he appeared in a TV ad with a white woman, so he’s called a pimp and that sort of stuff. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, of course, is down on America, and everything wrong with this country is because of rich white people. That’s what their flocks hear. Some of you might be saying, ‘Why are you doing this?’ Ladies and gentlemen, this is a political campaign, we’ve got Operation Chaos going on here, and this is equal time. If we’re going to have to all of this audio from a pro-Obama preacher, we have to have audio from a pro-Hillary preacher. It’s the only way to be fair.

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