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RUSH: Tom in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Hey, you’re scaring me a little bit on your Operation Chaos.

RUSH: How so?

CALLER: Well, did you notice how the mainstream media is pumping it so much on how effective it is? I’m afraid they’re going to use it as ammunition to promote the Fairness Doctrine. They’re going to say, ‘Seeeeee? Look at how this guy is interfering with the Democratic process.’

RUSH: Well, except, if Mrs. Clinton is a beneficiary of this, she may be somewhat reluctant. But don’t worry about the Fairness Doctrine. I’m not going to let fear and defensiveness affect the way I go about this. If they try that there are going to be lawsuits out the wazoo. The Fairness Doctrine is not going to happen any time soon, and, if they try to implement this, it’s not going to be a slam-dunk for them. But here’s the thing, Tom. I’m very serious about this. Believe me: whether it’s Operation Chaos or not, they know of the effectiveness of conservative talk radio. They fear it, and they have feared it for a long time. Not only do they fear it, they hate it. Operation Chaos is not anything new to them, particularly what they think happens here. So whether Operation Chaos had happened or not, whether Operation Chaos was a success or not, they were still going to try to shut us down not because of our effectiveness — Well, yes, because of our effectiveness, but they are liberals, and they want to silence any effective opposition rather than debate it, Operation Chaos or not.

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