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RUSH: Norma Jean in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Well, thank you. I had a phone call last week I thought you might really be interested in.

RUSH: Tell me about it.

CALLER: It was a political survey. They said they were just going to talk about the congressional race in the state, but we went to the president elections really quick, and then we had the issues in the war, the economy. Then the next question was, ‘Do you go to church? Once in a while, every day, every Sunday, special occasions, never?’

RUSH: Wait just a second here, Norma Jean. Who was it?

CALLER: All I know is it was a political survey, would I be interested in answering some political questions.

RUSH: All right, so it was a polling company, not a candidate?


RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: So then after that it was, ‘Are you a conservative or a liberal,’ and what I thought you would be interested in is the next question. ‘Do you listen to Rush Limbaugh? How often or never?’

RUSH: Well, we’d like to have the answers to this, Norma Jean, if you can remember what you told them.

CALLER: Well, yes, I said almost always, as much as I can, and that was the end of the survey. Thank you. Good-bye.

RUSH: (laughing) They stopped asking you questions —


RUSH: — or do you think that was the legitimate end of survey?

CALLER: Yes. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) Well, you know, you’re very brave. A lot of people lie to pollsters. That’s known as the Bradley Effect or the Wilder Effect. In the case of Doug Wilder running for the governorship in Virginia, Tom Bradley running for governor of California, in pre-election polls they had huge leads, and going into Election Day it was assumed (both candidates were black) both were going to win. They both lost by sizable percentages. The pollsters decided, ‘We’ve been lied to here. People didn’t want us to think that they were racist so they told us they were going to vote for Bradley or Wilder when they really had no intention of it.’ So it’s interesting how many people are actually answering questions about Obama that way. Thanks, Norma Jean, I appreciate that, and for you being honest with them, I really do.

In The Politico.com today, on their website, there’s a story about how people in Pennsylvania are just fed up with all this race stuff in the Democrat Party. People are not happy in Pennsylvania with, quote, ‘that race stuff.’ ‘Stephanie Gill, a bartender in a white working-class neighborhood, noticed the shift immediately. A week ago, her customers at Rauchut’s Tavern in Tacony didn’t have much to say about Barack Obama. But when she returned to work Wednesday, a day after the Illinois senator attempted to quell the furor over his pastor’s racially incendiary remarks, the reaction inside the corner bar was raw and unapologetic. ‘People are not happy with Obama,’ Gill said. ‘It’s the race stuff.’ … More than a dozen interviews Wednesday found voters unmoved by Obama’s plea to move beyond racial divisions of the past. … ‘He lied to Anderson Cooper,’ said Rodica Mitrea, an aesthetician–‘ what the hell is an aesthetician? Oh, the root word’s aesthetics, so people who do facials are now called aestheticians? Sort of like window washers are called vision control coordinators? Masseuses are now massage therapists. Well, I’m all for upgrading names. Self-esteem — fine. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not making fun of it. I’ve just never seen it.

Rodica Mitrea, an aesthetician and immigrant from Romania, said Obama lied to Anderson Cooper, referring to an Obama interview Friday with the CNN anchor. And then there’s another guy quoted here, ‘Glenn Peter, 54, a patron at Rauchut’s Tavern, said he heard finger-pointing, not reconciliation. He took issue with Obama’s explanation that Wright’s observations of a racist America were reflecting the racial scars of his past. ‘I don’t want to hear that you are blaming us for him saying this,’ said Peter, who is white and worked at an auto parts factory until it was shuttered several years ago.’ We were forewarned about this. You’ll remember this, Mr. Snerdley, we were forewarned about this by the governor of Pennsylvania himself, Fast Eddie Rendell, who said that he knew the people of Pennsylvania, and they’re not prepared to vote for a black candidate. This was in the last month or so. There was a firestorm over that, and Fast Eddie had to do a quick Fast Eddie shuffle to get back on the high moral ground here. People on the Democrat side worried about this going into Philadelphia, not Pennsylvania, but in Philadelphia, blue-collar, white workers, it’s always been thought that this was going to be a problem for Obama once they got to Pennsylvania. Hillary’s leading big in Pennsylvania anyway. But with that demographic apparently — this stuff is anecdotal in The Politico.com — it didn’t work.

Remember this speech, people are forgetting this aspect of the speech that Obama gave. This was a speech in the context of a presidential campaign specifically in context of the Pennsylvania primary. It was not a Martin Luther King ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. By the way, folks, it didn’t even approach that. It was not even the same tone, it didn’t have the same objective, whereas Martin Luther King’s was uplifting, this was not that. This was finger-pointing and blaming and saying we all have to get together and share our mutual blame for this, and that’s going backwards. But, at any rate, in the calculation of whether or not it’s been a success for Obama within the confines of a presidential race and a particular state and its primary, Pennsylvania, jury is still out on that. Now, the aesthetician is back at the end of this story. ‘Mitrea, the aesthetician on her cigarette break outside Beautyworx Salon and Day Spa in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia, said she watched the whole speech. And before the controversy over Wright’s sermons, Mitrea said she was 55 percent for Clinton, 45 percent for Obama. ‘Now I am 100 percent for Clinton and zero percent for Obama,’ Mitrea said. As an immigrant who is now a citizen, Mitrea said she took offense to Wright’s comments that ‘God Bless America’ should be ‘God (bleep) America.’ ‘I love America,’ Mitrea said. ‘I thank God I am here. I live a free life.’ Obama should have severed all relations with Wright, Mitrea said.’ So, again, ladies and gentlemen, simply anecdotal, but again more evidence, Operation Chaos.

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