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RUSH: How about Obama on the radio in Philadelphia? We have the audio sound bite. Listen to this. Obama threw his grandmother under the bus at the speech on Tuesday. Then yesterday, he put the bus in reverse and ran over her.

OBAMA: The point I was making was not that my grandmother, uh, harbors, uh, any racial animosity. She doesn’t, but she is a, uh, typical white person, who, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know, you know, there’s a reaction that’s been bred into our experiences that — that don’t go away, and that sometimes, uh, come out in — in the wrong way.

RUSH: ‘Typical white person’? What does this reveal, finally, about Obama. He is not transcendent on race. Obama is telling us that he is a black-American first, and an American second. Typical? His grandmother who raised him is a ‘typical white woman’? And that these kinds of inordinate fears are bred? I have a question. I wonder how white college students at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill are feeling these days? I wonder if they are nervous walking down the street when they see a couple of black boys dressed in baggy clothes with their hats on backwards swaggering toward them. I wonder how they feel. I wonder if it makes them fear that they’re going to be shot in the face for their ATM cards and their PIN numbers. Obama, do you think there might be reasons here rather than this being inbred? Typical white woman? Obama has exposed himself, and that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, Passportgate is such a welcome arrival for both Obama and the Drive-By Media. If he’ll say this about his grandmother…? He says this about his grandmother, and he excuses that locoweed pastor! By the way, everybody’s asking, ‘Where is Reverend Wright?’ Well, Reverend Wright’s out there on a cruise. We don’t know where, but he’s on a cruise.

Reverend Wright, we’re told, needed to take a vacation. Somebody at Reverend Wright’s church sent a photo of Reverend Wright talking with President Clinton in the White House on September 11, 1998. There was a prayer breakfast. Clinton had a bunch of clergy in there to finally fess up to the Lewinsky stuff because the Starr Report was coming out. This picture is in the New York Times today, complete with a thank-you note that Clinton sent to Jeremiah Wright in October after the September 11th date, and this is the meeting where Clinton said (doing Clinton impression), ‘I have sinned before you. I have never been at a lower point and I’m so happy you’ve come.’ It was a dog-and-pony show to repair the breach. There was a whole bunch of people there. Reverend Wright was one; they’ve got this picture. This isn’t the same thing. The Obama camp released this. This isn’t the same thing. In order for this to have any impact at all, somebody is going to have to place Clinton in Reverend Wright’s church, which, I mean, if this church is that big and Clinton ran for office in ’92 and in ’96, somebody might come up with a picture of Clinton in that church.

You never know. I guarantee you somebody is looking for it. You know, when you’re running for the Democrat Party nomination — well, if you’re running for president as a Democrat — you gotta go to Chicago, and this a huge church, 4500 people, but so far this little picture in the New York Times… The Obama camp is doing everything they can to sweep this off the front page and change the subject, which they’ve done now with Passportgate. I’m thinking of telling the State Department to release my passport files. There’s nothing in them. There’s nothing in them, just your Social Security number and identifying data, but I have LifeLock. So if somebody’s going to get my Social Security number, they’re not going to be able to use it for anything. So this is much ado about nothing. They had a big investigation over this of Bill Clinton back in 1992, because people were trying to find out… The rumor then was Clinton was thinking of denouncing or renouncing his citizenship during the Vietnam War era, and there were rumors of traveling to the Soviet Union and participating in protests there. People wanted to see if he had been. I don’t know that these particular records that were looked at today by these contract employees will tell you that.

Obama, the reason people are interested in this, chairs a subcommittee on foreign affairs in Europe, and he’s never had a meeting. He’s never chaired the meeting, never chaired the committee, never called the committee to order. He says he’s traveled all over Europe and has extensive experience, but he’s never said where. So looks like it’s got the Clinton fingerprints all over it until the Clintons say, ‘By the way, our passport was looked into, too.’ (laughter) Exactly right. My gosh, folks, even though it’s Open Line Friday, this stuff just keeps pouring out. We have to come to the rescue each and every day here.

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