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RUSH: John in South Bend, Indiana, thank you for waiting, sir. You’re next.

CALLER: Well, I hope you mean me, Rush. Only a real friend would tell you this, but I’m afraid Operation Chaos has accomplished nothing positive, it is only undermining your own purposes, as you yourself have acknowledged — inadvertently, I believe — when you acknowledged that Hillary would not have dropped out even if she had lost the Texas primary vote. Had that happened, Hillary would have stayed in. She would have been more desperate, would have been more ruthless and vicious — and therefore, if anything, Operation Chaos is only mitigating the amount of Democrat chaos. Here’s the problem. McCain would have beaten Obama handily. That’s becoming obvious, because of all the mistakes Obama is starting to make. The clincher you don’t seem to realize or didn’t seem to realize.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: If Obama were the nominee, the Clintons would do everything possible to sabotage him, maybe even Fort Marcy Park. Now, if only you had held your fire a little bit longer. Obama needed one or two big wins to really become inevitable. You jumped the gun —

RUSH: That’s — That’s —

CALLER: thereby making President Hillary a near certainty. McCain won’t beat Hillary. She’ll do anything to win. And after Hillary steals the nomination, she will offer the vice presidency to Obama, and he will take it, thereby foiling your plan to leave the Democrats divided, and you and I shouldn’t even talk publicly about that Algore prospect because we don’t want to give the Democrats any ideas.

RUSH: Well, I didn’t bring that up.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: It was Joe Klein of TIME Magazine.

CALLER: I know. I know you didn’t.

RUSH: But according to the scenario you just laid out —


RUSH: — why are they even going to need Algore? If you think Operation Chaos has been counter-effective —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — what does it he matter? What’s the Algore option even relevant for?

CALLER: By eliminating Obama you leave two other possibilities. One, Hillary will steal the nomination. As you have acknowledged and declare is likely to happen, or the other possibility which is becoming more and more, uh, imminent, uh, the Democrat leaders may conclude that both of these two are so damaged that they will have to turn to Algore on a second ballot brokered scenario.

RUSH: All of that —


RUSH: — I submit to you, is Operation Chaos.


RUSH: All of this.

CALLER: — either one —

RUSH: I’m telling you —

CALLER: But either one leads to a loss for the Republicans. McCain could beat Obama.

RUSH: Let me tell you something.

CALLER: I don’t think he can beat either one of the others.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. I will have no role, and I will take no blame, and I will accept no responsibility for a Republican loss. I am not the Republican candidate. I am not the architect of a screwball Republican strategy that seeks the presidency this year, that is alienating the party he needs to vote for him. I am not going to accept responsibility for whatever happens in the presidential race. I am doing my part with Operation Chaos to see that despite how badly the Republicans botch this campaign, that our party might still have some chance of winning.


RUSH: You know, Senator McCain struck out yesterday, you know, sidling up to the hate-America crowd. There were no conservative principles in that speech. If he loses the presidency, it’s nobody’s fault but his and his party’s for being unable to unify his own party behind him. That’s going to be nobody’s fault but his and theirs, certainly not mine.

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