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RUSH: I want to get this one out of way, because it’s a stand-alone, and it doesn’t relate to anything I have on tap for today, but it does relate to things we’ve been discussing the past couple days. Me and Senator McCain. PMSNBC TV last night, the Live anchor Tamron Hall was talking to Matt Lewis, Townhall.com. They had this exchange.

HALL: I’ve heard some people who are Democrats say, ‘Because of the infighting and because people like Rush Limbaugh have gone after McCain, that anybody that Rush Limbaugh dislikes as a Democrat, you kind of have to like.’

LEWIS: Yeah, in fact, Rush Limbaugh said he’s not going to endorse John McCain because it would hurt John McCain with — with independents and probably Democrat voters. So, you know, I think Rush will vote for John McCain, I’m sure, but, you know, he’s probably smart not to endorse him.

RUSH: So the Drive-Bys, looking for any opportunity to ignore the chaos going on on the Democrat side, now have focused on my criticism of McCain’s foreign policy speech, and they think they’re going to succeed in distracting from Operation Chaos by virtue of that. But they won’t. The problem for Democrats is that criticism from me is what McCain wants! Do they not understand this? McCain wants criticism from me. He’s going after Democrats and independents, not conservatives. And if he wants those votes, the best thing that could happen is for me to criticize. I’m not doing it for that reason. The way this is all falling out is that the more conservatives criticize McCain, the stronger he gets with the people he really hopes to vote for him, pure and simple, ladies and gentlemen. The Drive-Bys, even though this program is for three hours a day, five days a week, 15 hours — and no password is required to listen to this program. No super-secret receiver. No PIN number is required. All you have to do in any of over 600 American cities is go to your radio and turn it on and listen. But the Drive-Bys don’t do this. They go to websites that summarize out of context what happens on this program, when it’s right in front of them. They could go to my website, read the transcripts each night and find out what is said, but they don’t, and yet they claim to know exactly what is going on here. It is (sigh). It’s hilarious.

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