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RUSH: Judy in the Keys, somewhere in the Keys of Florida. It’s great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, thank you for taking my call, Rush. It’s truly a pleasure to talk with you.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you.

CALLER: We try to listen every day. You make us smile and give us hope.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Yeah. And you’re the last man I think about every night before I go to sleep, because I joined Rush 24/7 and I drink a cup of tea from my cup every night before I go to sleep! (laughing)

RUSH: How sweet you are.

CALLER: But my question is, if McCain likes independents and Democrats so much, why aren’t they contributing to his campaign such that he has record-setting campaign amounts? Why aren’t his campaign coffers overflowing? Why is he struggling for money to run his campaign?

RUSH: That’s an excellent question out there. There are some fundraising challenges Senator McCain has. He is in trouble.

CALLER: Well, you know, I’m a conservative, and I contributed to Thompson and then to Romney. But I haven’t been able to send my money to McCain, yet. Do you think there are a lot of conservatives out there struggling with the same thing that I’m struggling with?

RUSH: Well, I don’t know. I could only guess. There has to be a reason why he’s not generating, right now, a whole lot of money. He has had a pretty successful fundraising week last week and this week, too. But I haven’t seen any of the latest figures. Look, all of this would just be a wild guess on my part. I think a lot of it is just people on the Republican side are waiting to see some life from anybody in the Republican Party.

CALLER: I think that’s very true, and I think that’s what my husband and I are waiting for as well. We want so badly to have a reason to get behind somebody.

RUSH: I know. It’s a leadership thing, isn’t it out there, Judy?

CALLER: It is.

RUSH: It’s a leadership thing. There just doesn’t seem to be any. I mean, anywhere. Even on the Democrat side. Those two clowns, there’s nothing remotely like leadership from them. I know people think Obama is exhibiting leadership, but he’s not. What he’s engaged in, he’s got a cult. This is not principled leadership going on with Obama and Hillary. She doesn’t even want to be a leader. She wants to be a dictator, so she’s not even interested in leading. McCain thinks he’s a leader because of his integrity and character. (doing McCain impression) ‘That’s right, Limbaugh. I got more leadership in my little finger than you’ll have in your whole casket when you die!’ Well, maybe so, but (sigh) we’re waiting to see. (laughing) It’s been a long week, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, Judy.



RUSH: Yeah? What is it, Senator McCain?

RUSH DOING MCCAIN IMPRESSION: ‘Look, I hear people calling your show and making fun of the fact that I haven’t raised any money. Well, you know what you ought to say? You know what you ought to say? I can do your job, Limbaugh. I can do yours, too. What you ought to say is this: ‘Senator McCain! Senator McCain! You’re the one has said that you want to get the money out of politics. Well, you should be happy you don’t have any money, and you wanted it out, and that makes you honorable’. See, Limbaugh? If I was doing your job, that’s what I would have said! You’re slipping. You’re slipping, buddy. Big time.’

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