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RUSH: I was recuperating from the weekend last night, just resting, and I got an e-mail flash, ‘Are you watching this Compassion Forum on CNN?’ I say, ‘Hell no. What do I need to watch a bunch of liberals in a Compassion Forum on CNN for? ‘Well, you gotta watch, you gotta see what Obama is saying.’ I said, ‘I don’t need to see it. I know these people.’ Nevertheless, I turned it on, and I’m watching Marxist Christians in the audience. I’m watching these Marxist evangelicals. And, by the way, you know what’s interesting, an evangelical can be a Marxist liberal or socialist and the Drive-Bys never once care about crossing the line that separates church and state. So Obama and Hillary can go to a religious college and have all kinds of politics mixed in here, and it’s just wonderful. Because, of course, half the people that stood up and asked these questions last night are just pure socialist evangelicals. And there’s one guy that stood up, right as I happened to turn it on, and said, ‘Would you, Barack, commit to cutting poverty in half in ten years?’ Well, now, what is a socialist going to say in answer to that question? You think Obama is going to say, ‘Hell, no, I’m not going to commit to that. We can’t do it.’ No, he said, ‘I am going to tackle that with humility.’ He makes the commitment with humility.

Now, I’ll tell you why that question frustrated me. For how many years have we had a war on poverty in this country? At least 50. And what are the results of the war on poverty in this country? We haven’t wiped it out. The percentage of people in poverty today, expressed as a percentage of our population, is pretty much the same as it was when the war on poverty began. And who’s run the war on poverty? Who created the whole program? LBJ, liberal Democrats. It was their entitlement, and they’ve been adding and adding money to it each and every year. Now they advertise for food stamp recipients. Have we gotten rid of poverty? We have not. So these idiots in the audience stand up and say, ‘When are you going to do something about poverty?’ We have been trying, and we’ve been trying it the wrong way. The way for people out of poverty is economic growth. The way for people out of poverty is education. High expectations, inspiration and motivation, you’re never going to get people who are stuck in poverty — most people are not, by the way. People move in and out of various income quintiles. But the people who are stuck there are not going to get out of it sitting around waiting for government handouts. It just isn’t going to happen. People have to do this themselves. They have to be trained, educated, inspired, and motivated to do it. We’ll never be able to count on Democrats to do that because they don’t want those people out of poverty.

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