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RUSH: Chris in Middlebury, Connecticut, welcome to the EIB Network, Sir, thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Thank you so much. Before I make proper greetings, I just want to be sure to get this name out. Stuart Kauffman, autocatalytic set is the theory. Now for the proper greetings, O great one. I’ve been a big fan of yours for a long time. My late father was, too, and I just love what you do.

RUSH: Thank you, Sir.

CALLER: Thank you for everything. I just hope I can convince you that the big tent of conservatism and the Republican Party is big enough for Darwinists, too. I’m a deacon at a church, but I’m also a Darwinist. I think that a lot of elements of Darwinian theory would find approval among conservatives. Among them, the idea that evolution requires a conservative mechanism, which announces our genes. It does require innovations, too, but those are mutations, and they usually fail. It requires a selective mechanism as well. Those are the trials of life itself. And unfortunately socialism often leaves those out. And generally when a government program isn’t working, it isn’t selected out, it’s just given more money which is sort of the reverse of evolution.

RUSH: No, it’s a perfect liberal evolution. Liberal evolution rewards failure.

CALLER: But it’s not progress, though, it’s not progressive. I think it goes backwards. In fact, I don’t like to call them liberals, Rush, I think that liberals are supposed to be tolerant of other ideas —

RUSH: They’re not. You know what you ought to do? Ben Stein’s movie is called Expelled and it comes out either the 12th or the 16th of this month, I’m having a mental block on which. But it’s all about Darwinists on campus all over the country and all over the world who are summarily getting rid of and firing people who don’t subscribe to it and who even just question, investigate scientifically the whole concept of intelligent design.

CALLER: And that’s wrong. Dialogue is necessary for progress to be made. I don’t think Darwinists who are doing that are really abiding by their own philosophy.

RUSH: Here’s the problem. The Darwinists that are featured in this movie are a bunch of arrogant superiorists who have no more proof of their belief than anybody else has. Everything they believe requires faith —

CALLER: Well, I think where it comes from is this idea, if you’re looking at a phenomena, tends to be scientists I think when they look at a phenomenon, if you simply say God did it, it doesn’t explain very much about how it works. What they want to do is say, well, let’s go past that, maybe God did or didn’t do it, but let’s forget about that because it’s really — they use Occam’s razor, which is this principle of eliminating anything that isn’t helpful to solving the problem.

RUSH: No, no, the Darwinists that we’re discussing here will not allow God to be mentioned. There’s no possibility whatsoever of God to these Darwinists. Ben Stein speculates and theorizes that it was Darwinism that led to Hitler and his Holocaust of the Jews.

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