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RUSH: Bill and Hillary. I got a new name for Bill and Hillary: Bagman and Rob’em. Big story out there that while Mrs. Clinton is opposing the free trade deal with Colombia, that Bill Clinton ‘in June of 2005 was paid $800,000 by the Colombia-based Gold Service International to give four speeches throughout Latin America,’ and it’s all about bringing investment to Latin America. It’s all about free trade. Clinton was paid 800 grand to give a speech and appearances on free trade. Remember the Dubai Ports deal? Bill Clinton was paid a tremendous amount of money (I forget the exact amount) by Dubai in order to lobby the US government for the ratification of the Dubai Ports deal. In both cases, Mrs. Clinton opposed. She opposes the free trade deal with Colombia and she opposed the Dubai Ports deal.

Bagman and Rob’em! It is quite the pair. What a team. And it’s structured this way on purpose. Clinton goes out, rakes in huge bucks for his positions on this. Mrs. Clinton, who is seeking votes rather than bucks in this case, then is allowed to remain loyal to the Democrat Party base.

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