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RUSH: Ryan in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, nice to have you here, sir.

CALLER: Thanks a lot, Rush, thanks for having me on. I’m late for my next class so I’m going to make this quick. I’m a 22-year-old college student majoring in criminal justice and I apologize for getting off topic, but I wanted to tell you I’m really sick and depressed about the liberal ideology pumped into my classmates constantly on a daily basis. Rush, these professors are teaching one side and they’re building an army of left-wingers and feminazis. I mean, it’s really ridiculous, man.

RUSH: They are not teaching; they’re indoctrinating.

CALLER: They are indoctrinating. And you know what they call me in my sociology 205 class? They call me the island boy, because I’m isolated with my conservative values and beliefs. They should call me Leonidas. I feel like I’m battling 20,000 Persians on a daily basis or something, you know?

RUSH: All right, let me ask you a serious question. Aside from depressing you, what other effect on you does this have? Let me make it specific. Does it make you want to throw in the chips and say, ‘Hell, it’s not worth it,’ or does it steel your resolve even more?

CALLER: To be honest, Rush, this semester seems like it’s been the worst, and for the first couple months I was fighting strong but, you know, it’s hard. You’ve got a classroom full of liberals that just all hop on the bandwagon. It’s like they’re mindless, and the professors up there —

RUSH: They are mindless. They’re not thinking at all. They are the true mind-numbed robots sponging up orders, and their indoctrination, and they’re using their feelings. This is a lament that by no means, are you the first student to encounter this.

CALLER: Real quick, before I go, I want to say one of the things that they teach, which really makes me sick. They say, liberalism, this professor that I had, sociology 205, liberalism’s linked to education so basically she’s saying that if you’re educated, you’re probably going to be liberal. And then she goes on to say that conservatism is linked to a lack of education and simply like speaking to the teachings of the Bible, that’s how the conservatives think. You know, it’s stuff like this. And then you go to science class and you got them teaching about global warming. I feel like I’m going to vomit, you know?

RUSH: Yeah. I’m 57, and I felt that way a lot. Now, I went to one year of college, and I left not for reasons that you have mentioned, I just wanted to pursue my career. But I would urge you to hang in there, and this is only going to make you stronger.


RUSH: Really now, Ryan, it’s important that you stay there, stay in school and continue to expose yourself to this stuff, because in the process of exposing yourself to it, you’re going to learn how to refute it and how to deal with these people if you want to and how to argue with them and have fun in the process rather than get mad about it.

CALLER: Yes, and I listen to you to help me with that, Rush.

RUSH: I’m not talking about your professors, they’re the authority figure in there and when you’re in that position, the authority rules. But with these idiots that are in your class, I mean you can end up having a little fun with this. And you, you know, are you the only conservative in these classes?

CALLER: You know, if I’m not, the others are just laying low, because they don’t want to be isolated.

RUSH: See, that’s what’s sad. You need to find out and get these other people confident as you are. But the main thing here is, you know, you need to look — I know it’s serious stuff, what you’re seeing in there, and it’s frustrating, and you —

CALLER: I feel like it’s a problem for our future. I really do.

RUSH: Well, you know, I guarantee you it’s been this way in the college classroom for 50 years, even longer.

CALLER: Oh, really?

RUSH: We have survived it. And some of these kids when they get older are going to wise up, as you already have, they’re going to start thinking on their own. They’re highly impressionable right now and the liberal professor is an authority figure, is making them feel good about themselves for what they think and what they feel; not challenging them intellectually.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But the point is, this could all be overcome and it has been constantly, but it’s a battle that has cycles to it, and that’s why we constantly need people to realize it’s an ongoing, never-ending battle. You’re going to have kids of your own someday, they’re going to face the same thing you face and you’re going to need to give them the same foundation your parents or whoever has given you.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: In the meantime, learn to have fun with this. When you step back, if you can separate yourself for a moment from the dire consequences of these little nerds ever coming to power anywhere, you can separate yourself from that, laugh at the absolute shallowness and at the lack of curiosity. They’re Stepford people!

CALLER: It’s so true.

RUSH: Just laugh. Don’t do it in class, but when you have conversations with them and they start talking, just shake your head and laugh and chuckle, rather than getting upset, and they’ll say, ‘What are you laughing about?’ ‘I don’t believe what I’m hearing. Have you ever thought about anything?’ ‘What do you mean? I think!’ ‘No, you don’t.’

CALLER: She asked me that the other day. She said, ‘Ryan, is it jumping out at you, are you getting it?’ And I looked at her, and I shook my head, and I said, ‘It’s really not. It’s really not.’ And she was just like, you know, she was just —

RUSH: Okay, here’s what’s going to happen. The teacher is Bill Clinton. Because what they say about Bill Clinton is, if he’s in a room with a hundred people, he will find the one or two that hate him and focus on them and do anything he can to make them love him. And he’ll take for granted all the people that like him. So you stand out like a sore thumb in this classroom, and these teachers are going to focus on you. You are going to become a project. They’re going to start doing everything they can to get into your head.

CALLER: You know, I got news for you, it affects your grades, too, because when I write conservative answers, for the short answer responses, they tend to take more points off. But if I sit there and I go left or liberal —

RUSH: You’re in Myrtle Beach, what is this university you’re going to?

CALLER: Well, I’m a visiting student at Coastal Carolina University, and I’m also going to Horry-Georgetown Technical College for electives there also, but that’s because I’m in my last year now, and I just need electives to get my bachelor’s degree —

RUSH: You’re a senior?

CALLER: Yeah, I am a senior.

RUSH: Oh, Ryan, zip the lip. You know, you’re over 90% of this. Get outta there. I thought you were a freshman.

CALLER: No, I’m a senior.

RUSH: I was trying to guide you through four more years of sheer terror.

CALLER: No, I’m a senior.

RUSH: But you have navigated this minefield, you’re about to get out of there.

CALLER: Yeah, I know. But I’m nervous. As I’m getting ready to leave, I’m nervous, you know, because I see what’s going on in these schools and it’s everywhere in the country.

RUSH: We got people working on it. Find David Horowitz. David Horowitz is doing great work, FrontPageMag.com is his website. He’s doing great work publicly chronicling the stuff that’s happening to you in the classroom at major universities all over the country. A lot of other people are focusing on this, and there are numerous — not a lot of them, but Hillsdale College is a great one, a number of liberal arts universities springing up here that don’t have this kind of liberal identity to them. But, look, you’re on the cusp here, getting out of this prison, and you have survived it, and you’ve triumphed over it. You know, this is not the place for your battles now. This place is almost in your rearview mirror.


RUSH: The focus is to get it fully in the rearview, to get outta there, and you’re going to find a different world outside the classroom.

CALLER: Yeah, I hope so.

RUSH: You will, trust me on this, especially when you’re able to listen to this program every day. It will change your mind. And if you turn off the television three or four days a week that will help, too.

CALLER: Yeah. All right, well, thanks for having me on, Rush, I really appreciate it.

RUSH: All right, Ryan, hang in there. We need people like you. You are part of the proverbial ‘future generations.’ This stuff gets passed down from generation to generation, and you’re going to be more important in all this than you can even imagine now. You have survived the attempt of the propagandists to turn your skull full of mush into a little Trotskyite. Everybody in this audience is proud as they can be of you. You keep it up. Do not change a thing, just get outta there, and your real life will begin soon.

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