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Rush’s Morning Update: Spending Spree
April 10, 2008

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The laughably named Government Accountability Office has released a review of over a dozen federal agencies over the last 15 months. They found that close to 41 percent of all of the charges on government credit cards did not follow procedureand were improperly authorized. We’re talking about 300,000 credit card holders here, folks, and theyspent over $14 billion.

The feds could not account for hundreds of laptops, iPods, and digital cameras. Somehow, 16 computer server arrays costing $100,000each cannot be found.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The government-employee credit-card-spending-spree analysis shows millions spent on internet dating services — your tax dollars are buying this stuff, folks! –lingerie, and custom-made suits. There are gambling charges, mortgage charges– you name it, it’s there. Onewoman spent over $100,000 a year for six years on her live-in boyfriend! (No guy is worth that,gals.)Of course, this only elicits yawns from liberals, who are ever-clamoring for even more government spendingon their growing list of entitlements.

But let me run this past you private-sector types out there who are held accountable for your company’s budget. If auditors discovered that almost half the charges on your company credit cards violated policy, and that millions of dollars of your company’s assets were misappropriated, heads would roll, right? And liberals would be first in line to rage about corporate greed, and to demand that corporate officers– like Enron types– go to jail. But with taxpayer money– your money, your government– it’s just business as usual… and it stillisn’t enough for them!

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