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“Obama is the most radical Democrat to run for president in my lifetime — and I’m including McGovern, Mondull, and John Kerry on that list.”

“If you hate America, you are now a patriot. Because your country’s not worth all these great traditions and institutions! This country fights unjust wars! This country oppresses people! This country makes it possible for people to suffer in Darfur!”

“What’s happened here, folks, is that Barack Obama has succeeded in attacking not only American values, but Americans who embrace those values. He has really stepped in it here.”

“There’s no prejudice or bigotry on this program. There is simply a great loathing of liberalism and what it has done to the very fabric of our society and culture and what it will continue to do if it is not stopped.”

“I have an explanation for Jimmy ‘Aziz’ Carter: I think he’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. I’m serious! I think this needs to be looked at.”

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Well, Democrats are the ones leading the charge for as many abortions as possible. Liberty? They don’t want you to have very much. And when are they ever happy?”

“If it’s not on the prompter, Barack Obama can’t put two words together. It’s irritating to me! The guy is running for president and he sounds like an idiot.”

“A quick warning to you parents out there (I just want to put you on notice): This is National Environmental Education Week. Your kids are going to come home and tell you that you are killing the planet.”

“Too many people in this country listen to people who want to depress them, who want to tell them they have no hope, who want to tell them they have no chance unless they give their lives to government. And this isa nearcriminaldestruction of lives.”

“There’s no such thing as a ‘Rush Limbaugh Republican going to go vote for Hillary for health care.’ That’s just not possible!”

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