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RUSH: I just checked the e-mail, subscriber e-mail to Rush 24/7. ‘Rush, why are you spending so much time on the Obama stuff? It is what it is, and it’s over with.’ I understand there are probably people that might say or think that this is redundant and being repetitive. Let me tell you a little story to try to explain this. I had a bunch of people in town for the weekend. Names will remain private to protect their privacy, but you would know all these people. They were from various fields, not all from politics. In fact, very few from politics, it’s what made it so much fun. Saturday night, after dinner, it was about one o’clock in the morning, maybe it was Friday night, Saturday morning 1 a.m. We’re all sitting around outside by the pool, and one of the participants mentioned for the third time during the weekend that we’re not up to speed here on the threat that the Islamofascists pose to us. This is a very, very serious problem. And everybody agrees with this, of course.

The guy that made the statement was saying this poses the greatest threat to America and not enough Americans are aware of it, the Democrats are trying to do everything they can to dissuade people of any fear of Islamofascists and terrorism. Since this was the third time my guest had mentioned this, I popped up, and I said, ‘If I may be so bold, I totally agree with you that we have a major threat and that it’s going to be a threat that we have to deal with for quite a while. I don’t deny that Islamofascism is huge. I have to tell you guys something–‘ we had 15 of us sitting around. I said, ‘I have to tell you guys something. Without question the biggest threat facing this country is liberalism, and I went on a 20-minute riff. I wish it had been recorded. I totally ad-libbed this thing, it was similar to monologues that I do here behind the Golden EIB Microphone, but I went on for 15 minutes. Nobody said a word while I was speaking. When I finished, one of the guests said, ‘If you would give that speech to the Republican National Convention, the people of this country would demand you be elected president. We wouldn’t have anything to worry about in terms of winning this election if you would give this speech.’

The next day, they were still buzzing about it, and they said, ‘Rush, if you’d have told us to turn around we’re marching into the ocean, we’d have followed you.’ And I said, ‘There was never a problem, I don’t go into the ocean. I go to the beach, but not to the ocean.’ The point is, and I’m going to do my best to try to reconstruct this. You’ve heard it all over the course of many programs here. But I happened to get on a roll, and I put it all together in 15 minutes. I attacked everything that I could think of that the left is doing, and the life, liberty, pursuit of happiness concept, they’re not for life, they’re not for liberty, they’re not for the pursuit of happiness, as I have done, and you have heard. How can they be for life when they’re sponsoring and have sponsored and promoted and have promoted abortion as a political objective over the years. Liberty, what liberty? You give these people half the chance and we won’t have any. It’s happening very slowly and it’s happening under a false premise and a false guise, and that is we need to give up some of our liberty as punishment for destroying the planet.

So we gotta get rid of lightbulbs in 2012, gotta put in a bunch of worthless, dangerous lightbulbs. I said, ‘This is not America. This is not the America I know.’ We have a situation coming up, Harry Reid and his boys are trying to pass a piece of legislation in the Senate. He thinks he’s got 60 votes for it. I think it’s called Lieberman-Warner. What this does — in fact, parts of this are going to happen in 2009 regardless. Do you realize, folks, that the US, because of a Supreme Court decision, the US Fish & Wildlife Service will be able, after 2009, to proclaim that a Wal-Mart store or any other kind of factory in Tennessee cannot be built because its carbon footprint might impact anything on the endangered species list or the melting of Arctic ice, which is not happening. So if the Fish and Wildlife Service, a bureaucracy, nobody on there elected by the people, and a circuit judge and Supreme Court have given the Fish and Wildlife Service and the EPA this power to declare that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, and none of these people are elected, and they have no accountability. You have to believe it because this is true.

Starting in 2009, the Fish and Wildlife Service wants to say that an apartment building in Chicago is going to have a carbon footprint too big that would impact species on the protected species list or endangered list or cause Arctic ice to melt, it can’t be built without some formula where the people that want to build a Wal-Mart or the people that want to build the apartment complex have to go somewhere and buy up somebody else’s permission to pollute. We are propagandizing young kids. We are propagandizing them in school, and we are not teaching them anything. We’ve got a dropout rate that is embarrassing. We’ve got an illiteracy rate that is embarrassing. Liberalism has destroyed the black family. It’s destroyed the incentive of way too many Americans. It has dispirited their effort and their ability to realize how good they can be. Liberalism survives today by blaming this country for virtually everything, making sure as many Americans as possible don’t like their country, don’t respect their country, hate the traditions and institutions that have made this country great.

We have two liberal Democrats running for the Democrat presidential nomination, who, if elected, will continue this tide almost unstoppably, because they’re going to have to increase majorities in the House and the Senate if they win the presidency. It’s going to be four years of trouble, four years of a huge mess, and it’s gonna take a long time to reverse this. Reverse it; it’s gonna take a long time to stop it. I know it sounds maybe a little simplistic to just blame a single word, ‘liberalism.’ But it’s true. They have destroyed everything they’ve tried to fix, from poverty, to racism, to economic injustice, to social injustice. Everything they have tried has failed, and they don’t permit their results to be examined. No, no, no, we have to imagine their intentions, their honorable intentions. They believe the world can be perfected. We don’t. Any time they think that the people who don’t think the world can be perfected are standing in their way, and we are evil, because we disagree with them. They’re entitled to do anything. They can destroy the careers of people on our side. They can destroy their lives. They do it with the aiding and abetting of the Drive-By Media.

Liberalism is the greatest enemy this country faces, because too much of this country is ignorant. It’s the most expensive commodity we have, ignorance. If there were half the education in this country that there used to be, liberalism would have died long ago. It would still be around but it wouldn’t be anywhere near a majority because people wouldn’t in any way, shape, manner, or form trust it or believe it, because there’s no evidence anywhere in the history of the world that it works. It does not deliver on its promises. So why am I focusing on Obama today? Because these people are telling us for us, they’re telling us themselves exactly who they are and what they’re going to do. American exceptionalism, George Will wrote about it in his column today on Obama and Adlai Stevenson. As I mentioned yesterday, it’s patriotic today, the liberals have redefined patriotism, hate your country, hate the military, seek America’s defeat. Hate American corporations. Hate all of these things that have made this country, that’s patriotism, standing up to our evil, guilty country.

If you are proud of your country, there’s something wrong with you. You are a jingoist or you are stupid or you are ignorant. You are bitter and you cling to your religion or you cling to your guns, and the fact that you love your country means that you’ve been hoodwinked and that you’re a NASCAR fan, and that you’re stupid. Because you don’t have the enlightenment to see exactly all of the evils posed to the peoples of the world by the United States of America. Well, I think it’s the greatest enemy that we face, the most serious challenge that we face, and people say, ‘Rush, how can it be bigger than Islamofascism?’ Because they don’t find anything wrong with Islamofascism, folks. The liberals think Islamofascists are Islamofascists because we’ve made them that way, because of our support for Israel or because of our unfair treatment of various countries, or because of our wealth, because of our prosperity. They think it’s justified that we’re hated on this basis. They think it’s justified that our reputation’s in the tank, in their view, and what do they want to do to fix this reputation? They want to cut the US down in size; they want to let people take shots at us. We deserve it.

You think I’m making it up? How many liberals have we quoted on this program, among them Jeremiah Wright, who said America’s chickens are coming home to roost, we deserve to get hit on 9/11; we deserve those two jets to fly into our buildings; we deserve the Pentagon to get hit; we deserve more. Our illustrious State Department after 9/11 convenes a serious forum on why do they hate us. Who cares why they hate us? Nothing justifies the murder of 3,000 innocent people. We have liberals saying, ‘Oh, yeah? How many innocent people have we killed? We deserve this.’ So if the liberals triumph, and they triumph in such a way that they have four or eight years unabated to mess this country up, and if liberals do not find a great threat in Islamofascism, then where are we? So, all of this, all the rest of this is academic. Liberalism is the greatest threat this country faces. Because liberalism today is so damn close to socialism, and in some of these statements that some of these Obama supporters are making, and in fact some of the statements he’s making, it approaches Marxism. It’s just stunning. And yet how many people do you think know what’s wrong with Marxism? Just throw the word out there and say, ‘The Obama campaign, boy, it sounds a little Marxist.’

‘What’s that, Rush, Groucho?’

So you need to do an education on who Marx is, because if there has been any education in our high schools and junior highs on Karl Marx it’s all been laudatory. It just means we share everything, Rush. That’s right. Marxism means we share. We have too much, and we’re raping the planet, and we’re stealing other resources that are rightfully the ownership of other peoples around the world and we’re keeping them poor and so forth. The only thing keeping people poor in this world is the unequal distribution of capitalism. Socialism, liberalism, communism, whatever you want to call it, everywhere it’s been tried, it has failed. Look at the former Eastern bloc nations that have escaped since the Soviet Union went south. Almost all of them have the flat tax. Almost all are using a flat tax, from anywhere from 15% to 22% and their economies are booming. The evidence of the failure of the Soviet Union, of Cuba, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, it’s just out there for everybody to see. And yet, people don’t see it. Well, you and I do, and these things are vitally important if we love the country and if we believe in American exceptionalism.

We’re the greatest country in the history of humanity, and we are a force for good. We are the solution to the world’s problems. We are not the problem. And yet, we have to fight this battle. We have to somehow get into arguments about the greatness of this country, with other Americans. And so this is why I’m focusing on Obama, and this is why I’m focusing on Hillary, and this is why I’m trying to get as many people as possible to recognize who these people are, by virtue of their own words. What bigger indictment can there be than Obama and Mrs. Clinton and all the rest of these Democrats admit they have contempt for regular people, average people, or what have you? James Carville said on Meet the Press, (paraphrasing) ‘A lot of people in the Democrat Party would love to be able to win an election without those union workers and those blue-collar white voters because that can’t be trusted, sometimes they vote Republican,’ and they’re an embarrassment in the party. They’re stupid; they’re idiots; they’re regular people; they’re not elites; they’re not thinkers. They’re not smart like the rest of liberals are. So any time these people come along and they want to tell the truth about themselves, I’m going to help ’em, which is essentially what this is generally all about.

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