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There’s a directive from headquarters for those of you in North Carolina. Early voting in North Carolina for the primary there on May 6th starts today. Early voting, North Carolina, starts today. I am asking, I am commanding all Operation Chaos operatives in North Carolina, do not vote early. This primary is too volatile. There’s too much effervescence going on here. This campaign could change on a dime. You vote now instead of on Election Day on the 6th, your vote might not count. Hold your fire. You got plenty of time to vote on the actual Election Day, which is the 6th of May. So Operation Chaos orders from headquarters, for those of you operatives — and I would suggest, by the way, for you in North Carolina who are Democrats and not even part of Operation Chaos, I would not vote early. Your vote may not count. As volatile as this is, as unsettled as it is, it’s a long time between now and May 6th. You can change your mind three or four times between now and then. Be cool. Plenty of time to vote on Election Day.

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