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RUSH: I, as the commander-in-chief of US Operation Chaos, am going to tell Obama how he can end Operation Chaos. I was watching the news at the top of the hour, and I see a bunch of Edwards backers. Not Edwards, but Edwards backers; not delegates, people that endorsed Edwards, are going to go over to Obama, and that tells me they want this over. They are doing this to counter Operation Chaos, and I’m going to tell Obama how to do it. Mrs. Clinton right now is the only one in this campaign who’s actually running a campaign as though she wants to win it. One of the things that is really frustrating to me — and I mean this — is to look at how wimpy he is. He’s acting like a wuss, and it’s because of where we are in our society: Men are so damn afraid of women.

For all this talk about people being afraid to attack Obama, I don’t see the Clintons afraid to attack him. Clinton’s gotten him off this messianic pedestal, got him down in the gutter. Clinton is accusing them of throwing the race card on him, forcing Obama to chuckle about it? Obama’s afraid to go after Hillary because she’s a woman. The Clintons are going after him; it doesn’t matter that he’s black, and so he’s sitting there. He’s reeling, and there is a way to end this — and it’s very simple. So here it is. Oh. By the way, Mike, on the audio sound bites, sound bite 24 and then 10 and 11. For those of you in the Obama campaign, this is the way to end Operation Chaos. You simply have your candidate acknowledge it. At some point in the near future — don’t wait too long; you have to do this while everybody is talking about what a big win Hillary had here — what Obama has to do is go out and say, ‘This win is artificial and this win is phony because of Operation Chaos.’

He needs to go out there and say, ‘Why in the world is everybody taking this seriously? Rush Limbaugh had his listeners register as Democrats for one day to go vote for Hillary to prolong this, and we’re letting Limbaugh get away with making our party look like it’s in a total sewer and a mess. This victory in Pennsylvania is illegitimate, Mrs. Clinton’s is. It’s undeserved because Democrats did not vote for her. Republicans did, at the urging of Rush Limbaugh and his Operation Chaos.’ Or, if Obama doesn’t want to mention my name, don’t mention my name, but mention Operation Chaos. If he would do that, then he would give the media license to discuss it in the way he put it forth because they’re in the tank for him. So the media could then start dumping on Operation Chaos and therefore dump on Mrs. Clinton’s victory as meaningless, which would then give us the opportunity (laughing) to create even more chaos, but that’s another thing.

And then this would force the Clintons to respond to it. Now, Hillary would not respond, but Bill might. Bill could go out there and say (doing Clinton impression), ‘I can’t believe it. I don’t believe what I’m hearing! Obama has now reached the bottom of the barrel. He’s out there and he’s saying. He’s saying, Limbaugh — Limbaugh is the reason we won? Limbaugh doesn’t love us. Anybody in this country who’s been alive for the last 20 years knows that Limbaugh hates our guts. I mean, I ran into Limbaugh at a restaurant one time. He sneered at me. He was just mean as mean can be when I was hitting on his date. He’s got no love lost for us. The idea that Limbaugh wants us to win, that’s a crock.” What fun this could be! But Obama could discredit her in an hour from now, in his next speech. They’re all so paranoid of mentioning me that they won’t do it.

But that’s how he could end Operation Chaos. Now, I realize some of you volunteers don’t believe what the commander here has just done. The commander has given the enemy the keys to ending our existence. Don’t think that way. Operation Chaos is always two steps ahead. But that’s how he could do it. He would start a bonfire — a figurative bonfire — within the Drive-By Media, because they’re just dying to come up with a way to invalidate her win. The superdelegates are dying for a way to invalidate her win, and that’s how he could do it. We will see. Now the Drive-Bys are already trying to do this in a way. ‘Party Switchers Lean Toward Obama, Exit Polls Show.’

Let’s see. ‘After a six-week lull since the last Democratic primary, Pennsylvania voters were so eager to participate in the hotly contested battle between [Hillary and Obama] that 9 percent of those voting Tuesday had changed their party registration since the start of 2008 to be eligible to vote in the Democratic race. … Most of those new Democrats were mobilized to come out for Obama, and they were nearly one-fifth of Obama’s supporters.’ They think that’s helpful? Obama lost! They are trying to recast what actually happened with Operation Chaos. Here’s the reason: Obama was running radio ads in Pennsylvania urging Republicans to register as Democrats and vote for him. Why? Operation Chaos! No matter where you turn in the Drive-By Media analysis of this, you find as the cause Operation Chaos. It was precisely because of Operation Chaos that Obama had to go out and beg Republicans to register Democrat to vote for him. Pure and simple.


RUSH: I have spent many hours prepping today’s program. I have spent two and a half hours executing — flawlessly, I might add; that is not ego, that is fact — this program. And I really do appreciate that many of you are attempting to think this out yourselves. I don’t want to discourage that. But don’t start thinking that this Democrat Party is about anything other than the superdelegates. It can be about nothing else. Neither of these two candidates can win the nomination via the primary process. Unelected party hacks will choose the Democrat Party nominee. It’s that simple. Whether there is some sort of October Surprise the Clintons have on Obama, whatever the final election returns are: The supers are going to choose the nominee. There is no other option. Mrs. Clinton has to finish strong. Obama has to continue to stumble. If she wins Indiana, and with momentum gets close or even wins in North Carolina… That, North Carolina. A win in North Carolina, I can’t tell you how huge that would be. And then if she wins in West Virginia, Kentucky, you’ve got demographics.

You’ve got these blue-collar Reagan Democrats that Obama has angered and ticked off. Obama’s going to look like a sinking ship. He does look like a sinking ship. This was the whole point in the first hour and a half of today’s program. He looks like the Titanic! He hasn’t won a significant primary since February 22nd. He can’t close the deal. He outspent her three-to-one. He got shellacked last night. I don’t care what the Drive-By Media message is; he got creamed! This is the last thing they wanted to happen. Howard Dean, they’re thinking of throwing the guy out of the party today. I have a sound bite here from Lanny Davis that pretty much indicates that. We’ll get to that in just a second. They wanted this over last night. The Democrat Party pooh-bahs wanted this over. They have got to figure out a way to end Operation Chaos — and I gave ’em the answer in my magnanimity, and in my confidence.

You might think, ‘Rush, why would you give the enemy a way to totally defeat your Operation Chaos?’ They won’t defeat it. If Obama wants to shut this down, all he’s gotta do — and he’s speaking right now in Albany, Indiana — today, tonight… It’s gotta be tomorrow. This Pennsylvania thing can’t be allowed to settle in as a big time loss for him. He’s got to say her victory is illegitimate because of all the Limbaugh voters, the Operation Chaos voters that crossed over to vote for her just to sabotage this; they’re not really Hillary voters. They don’t love Hillary and they’re not going to vote for her in the general. He can shut this down by acknowledging, truthfully, Operation Chaos. Now, that’s magnanimous. That is good sportsmanship: To tell the enemy, even though they’re totally incompetent and inept, how to win. It takes a lot of confidence, a lot of ego to do that. The confidence is that even by telling them how to win, they will still find a way to lose because we are multiple steps ahead of them.


RUSH: Here is Stu in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Stu, glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing?

RUSH: Good, sir. Thanks el mucho.

CALLER: Good. About a month ago I called in and said I had switched to Democrat and I hadn’t been this excited since 1984?

RUSH: Yes. A lot of people are more excited. This is a sad thing, actually, but —

CALLER: Yeah, well, actually..

RUSH: — a lot of people are more excited to be voting for Hillary than they’re going to be voting for McCain in November.

CALLER: Well, my enthusiasm waned yesterday as I was marking the ballot. So I went in today and switched back to Republican. I told the lady I couldn’t take it anymore. It had been 30 days. I told her I even took a barf bag into the voting booth with me, because I was afraid I was going to get sick. So…

RUSH: I’ve heard this. This is what makes you operatives so courageous.

CALLER: Well, we try.

RUSH: Well, I mean, you accepted orders. You followed orders. I know it was unpalatable. It was something you never, ever, thought you would, A, do; or B, be asked to do.

CALLER: Especially a Clinton!

RUSH: That’s what I mean.


RUSH: That was exactly what I meant — and yet barf bag and all, you hung in there.

CALLER: I did.

RUSH: You followed orders and you completed your mission, and that’s why every operative has a day of R&R.

CALLER: (laughs) Well, let me know what’s next.

RUSH: Don’t worry. Battle plans are being formatted now. Up next, of course, is Indiana and North Carolina, and I’m going to see. I hate to keep mentioning this, because people will think it’s my ego out of control. It really isn’t, folks. This is a pure political strategy here. I want to see if the Obama camp — I bet he wouldn’t do it. But send a surrogate out there. He could end this — maybe not end it, but they could throw a lot of cold water on Hillary’s victory if they would just go out and say, ‘Look, everybody knows that in Operation Chaos there were a bunch of Republicans registering for Hillary. They had no intention to vote for her. Her victory is illegitimate.’ There are ways for them to do this, but Obama’s a typical liberal wuss. He’s afraid of women. (Thanks, feminism.) In this case, we may be grateful for it because there’s a way he could shut us down. Well, couldn’t shut us down, but he could do a lot of damage to the image of the Hillary victory, and make it look Pyrrhic.

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