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RUSH: Folks, I gotta tell you, I’m so proud of you, and I’m having so much fun with this on a lot of different levels. One of the reasons that I’m having fun with this is I just love tweaking the elites in the media. They have an agenda, too, and they will not admit it and their agenda is Obama. And they have done everything they can to portray this guy as something that he’s not. They are the ones that started this mythology about the guy over a year ago with all these puff pieces. They created this notion he is a messiah. I also love piercing the attitude of arrogance and condescension, and it is rife throughout the left in this country. They think they’re better than everybody else; they think they’re smarter than everybody else. The elites look down with condescension at everybody, and they have had this thing mapped out, this presidential race mapped out: Obama is it. He’s transformational. He is gonna redefine American politics. He’s been exposed here as nothing but average in terms of American politics and candidates. He has proven the old adage: ‘When somebody comes along and tells you, ‘Hey, we got somebody new,’ there’s no such thing.’ American politics has been around too long.

We’ve seen every figure, every character, every personality type. We have seen the messiahs; we have seen the average. It’s not possible for somebody that has not been before, to come along and be. It is not possible to have somebody who is going to represent a personality type and a competence that has never before run for president or been elected. Yet that’s what they tried to tell us about Barack Obama, that he’s a unique candidate. He’s a never-before — and on the basis of what? Skin color. That’s what set him apart, and that, the elites in the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media, that’s all that counted — and they went to work trying to hide his ultraleft-wing liberalism from everybody. Thanks to Operation Chaos (and thanks to Bill Clinton, who loves living in the gutter) he has now been successfully dragged to the gutter, and all of the mythology is up in smoke. It’s gone, and he will never, ever, be able to recapture this. All this talk about Obama leading in the popular vote, that’s all well and good. But he hasn’t won enough of the popular vote to put him over the top.

The way this is going to play out, I don’t care who. At the end of their primary process, neither one of these two is going to have enough delegates to win his party’s nomination. So whoever is the nominee at their convention, they didn’t win it. This is where the Democrats once again are shafting themselves. They don’t understand this. Maybe some of the supers do. Whoever their nominee is didn’t win it. Their nominee will be delivered to the party by party bosses, party hacks. Democrat Party hacks are going to have to iron this out. The superdelegates are the sole agents here. All of these votes up ’til now won’t matter, except in terms of guiding the superdelegates with popular vote or electoral vote, but they’re not going to make the decision on that. The superdelegates are going to make the decision based on one thing: which of these two can win, which of these two can beat McCain. If they conclude that neither of them can (chuckles), then it’s the Doomsday Option of Operation Chaos.

Obama has gotten away with wrapping himself in the popular vote and the delegate count and all that, but he doesn’t have enough of either at the end of the primaries. So he’s no more legitimately entitled to the nomination than Mrs. Clinton is — and this is what they know, deep in their souls. (Uh, don’t have any.) Deep in their guts, superdelegates, this is what they know. Obama is no more legitimately entitled to the nomination than Hillary Clinton is, and if he gets it, he was handed it by the party bosses and the party elites: pure and simple. Salon.com: Walter Shapiro, who used to work for USA Today, points out: ‘No matter how you frame it, Barack Obama is the candidate who has not won a major primary since he swept Wisconsin on February 22nd by uncharacteristically carrying high school-educated lower-income voters. Watching Obama stumble across the finish line as the presumptive nominee is not a formula to inspire the Democrats with confidence heading into the fall elections.’ Precisely right.

And the superdelegates full well understand this. Our buddies at Red State, Erick Erickson and his team, had an interesting post last night. ‘The top ten most populous states are California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina.’ Those are the top ten most populous states. According to Wikipedia, they represent 53.4% of the USA’s population. The Democrats currently have as their front-runner a man who could not win seven of them, a man who couldn’t win two of the three reliably blue states, a man who won none of the four that are generally considered to be battleground states this year.’ You want the number? Here are the seven that he could not win: ‘California, Florida, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas.’ He couldn’t win two of these three reliably blue states: California, New York, Illinois. He only won Illinois, and he has won none of the four states that are generally considered to be battleground states this year: Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania.

So whatever you hear from the Drive-Bys, and whatever you hear from the Democrat Party grand pooh-bahs like Howard Dean — who I will guarantee you is on a bigger hot seat today than even he may know — no matter who you hear it from, they are worried, because they know that whoever wins this is not going to win it by virtue of votes; they’re going to be selected by party hacks. So that means that somebody is going to be mad. Women are going to be mad or blacks are going to be mad, and you remember the numbers we started the program with. All these voters, their candidate loses, will either vote for McCain or stay home; it’s an extraordinarily high number on both sides — and this from the Cybercast News Service.

‘Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), a superdelegate for the Democratic Party, told Cybercast News Service on Tuesday she would not rule out casting her vote for a nominee who does not win the popular vote.’ That would be Hillary. ”I wouldn’t necessarily rule it out, because you have two big states that aren’t being counted,’ … Michigan and Florida … ‘It’s premature to say what I would or wouldn’t do, but I don’t rule out anything. Every superdelegate can use his or her own judgment, because they are not pledged to their state.’ There is an ongoing struggle in the Democratic Party, because Obama has won more primaries than Clinton and is ahead in the popular vote: 13.3 million vs. Clinton’s 12.6 million, as reported by Real Clear Politics. And many Democrats reportedly have urged Clinton to end her race,’ but yet she keeps winning. Obama hasn’t won anything of any consequence since February 22nd. Why should she quit?

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