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RUSH: Midland, North Carolina, this is Mary, and you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: I like your hold, by the way, love those temporary tattoo removal things. You’re insane why you want anyone to vote for Democrats today —

RUSH: Wait. Just a second here, Mary. You like to be on hold?

CALLER: Yeah, I like to be on hold. Your hold was actually very good. I loved the tattoo thing and —

RUSH: Oh, that you get to hear the parody songs, tattoo — oh. I see. I thought you were getting a tattoo removed while you were on hold and that’s why you liked it.

CALLER: No, not my style, but that’s okay, maybe on a future day.

RUSH: Okay. I’m insane. Let’s go back to me being insane, yes.

CALLER: Yeah, I’m an independent, so for me to go in there to make a choice is always depending upon what it is the person that I want to be able to vote for is going to do the best thing for our area, for our city, for our state, for our country. And to think that I would have to vote for — or to even cross the lines and to vote for someone like Obama or Hillary is distasteful even if you want to create chaos. The bottom line is the only thing you’re doing is you’re also creating chaos in the local area, because we have things that have to be done locally that’s much more important —

RUSH: Do ’em yourself.

CALLER: — nationally. Much more important than national.

RUSH: Do them yourself then. In a local area you can do them yourself.

CALLER: But you can’t for the state.

RUSH: What is this insane?

CALLER: You are nuts. (laughing)

RUSH: That’s quite —

CALLER: You’ve lost it.

RUSH: I’m not urging anybody to vote for Obama.

CALLER: No, you’re urging them to vote for Clinton, which is really nuts. I mean, it makes me gag to think somebody would want to vote for her today. I couldn’t do it.

RUSH: You’re just —

CALLER: Pardon me?

RUSH: You are insolent.

CALLER: Well, of course I am. I hope so. But they asked me what party I wanted to vote for, and, you know, just like a cold shot runs through you —

RUSH: You’re close to being insubordinate.

CALLER: You’re darn right I am. And I didn’t vote for McCain, either. I couldn’t do that, either.

RUSH: Did you vote?

CALLER: Oh, of course I voted.

RUSH: You didn’t vote for McCain?


RUSH: What party did you vote for?

CALLER: Republican.

RUSH: What, Huckabee?

CALLER: No. No. But I did make sure that the minority —

RUSH: Your vote really counted, right?

CALLER: It did.

RUSH: Your vote really counted.

CALLER: It did. Listen, let me tell you something, McCain insulted —

RUSH: You tell me I’m insane?

CALLER: — the state of North Carolina.

RUSH: You tell me I’m insane and you vote for some Republican nobody’s ever heard of in a primary where our nominee’s already chosen?

CALLER: Who cares? That part of it isn’t important. What’s important to us is what’s going to happen —

RUSH: I don’t know, if we’re going to question–

CALLER: — governor situation, lieutenant governor?

RUSH: — somebody’s sanity here, we need to redirect attention to you.

CALLER: Well, I think I have been darn sane.

RUSH: Why couldn’t you have gutted it up? You just threw away your vote.

CALLER: No, I did not, no, no, no, because I was able to at least vote for my governor, for my lieutenant governor. If you’re going to vote for somebody that you don’t believe in, that’s insane. If you’re going to vote for someone you don’t believe in, that’s insane.

RUSH: That’s not insane, because you can turn around in time for the general and vote for these people.

CALLER: No, you’re wrong. You can’t do that.

RUSH: Yes, you can.

CALLER: Not necessarily — no, and I think that this —

RUSH: Yes, you can.

CALLER: — is going to backfire on you in a big way. It’s going to backfire on you.

RUSH: That’s right, I don’t know what I’m talking about. I never know what I’m talking about.

CALLER: Well, McCain himself — right now what you’re doing is, the only good thing you’re doing is you’re deflecting the problems with McCain, because if you create chaos between Clinton and Obama, you’re deflecting the problems that there are with McCain with the voters that are Republican voters, or that are conservative voters, even independents.

RUSH: Deflecting the problems? You’re losing me. What do you mean, deflecting the problems with McCain?

CALLER: McCain has a lot of problems with people who are conservative.

RUSH: Yeah, but how am I deflecting them?

CALLER: By having all of the attention placed with Obama and Clinton.

RUSH: No, I’m saving McCain by deflecting attention from him. Jeez!

CALLER: I understand that.

RUSH: This is a brilliant maneuver. Operation Chaos is brilliant on so many levels.

CALLER: I understand.

RUSH: And you are insubordinate. You could have gone out and been a brilliant operative and commando and you call here and tell me that you couldn’t gut it up and do it and then tell me I’m insane because you couldn’t do something.

CALLER: I would never vote for those two. I’d cut off my hand before I’d vote for those two.

RUSH: You’re not voting for those two, you are voting for chaos. But I had fun talking to you, Mary. Thanks ever so much.

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