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RUSH: There is an unspoken of constituency today — and I saw pictures last night at the victory speech Hillary gave before Indiana was final. I saw pictures of women who looked devastated. They were saddened, and believe me — we have chronicled this on this program — women, feminists, old-line feminists who got behind Hillary from the get-go, they feel betrayed. They don’t understand why liberal men have forsaken Hillary for a rookie, untested (black) guy. And I would like to address you loyal Democrat women for just a second, as the commander-in-chief of US Operation Chaos and as me: general all-round good guy and harmless, lovable little fuzzball, Rush Limbaugh; because today many of you loyal Democrat women are stunned. You watch the male-dominated Drive-By Media gang up on the girl: Senator Clinton.

Neither candidate will secure enough delegates to openly win the nomination. Drive-By pundits are calling for Mrs. Clinton to ‘do the right thing’ and step aside, be pushed aside. They are at it again! The Drive-By Media male pundits have now circled the wagons and are demanding that Hillary quit, give it up. Ladies, doesn’t it all sound too familiar? Once again, a woman is told to put her dreams aside to benefit a man, to benefit a party of men. Obama, a freshman senator who has paid no dues, is treated like anointed royalty; while a hard-working woman who has battled her entire life to break the glass ceiling is treated like a leftover meal, and thrown down the garbage disposal. You know how this feels. You’ve been in Hillary’s shoes. You’ve seen the pretty boys that come in the office, almost no experience. They glad-hand the boss; they take credit for your work, talk a good game with real specifics, and then what happens? They get promoted while you, the hardworking backbone of the office, are told to go fetch the coffee or set up meetings for these dweebs that couldn’t carry your bra if they had to.

So another pretty phony, another little GQ-type phony is lifted to the top while the woman is treated like a broken-down mule. Hillary Clinton stood by her man in the worst of times. As a working mother, she raised the family; she kept a roof over their heads, ’cause her husband only earned 26 grand as governor of Arkansas. She had to go to the Rose Law Firm. She had to make the six-figure income. She had to put her career on the line with the cattle futures! She had to get to know these assorted and sundry characters like Vince Foster and Web Hubbell. She had her reputation maligned in Whitewater. She was humiliated daily with philandering by her husband that was open and in the public. She still did the laundry; she still cleaned everything up. Every mess, Hillary Clinton cleaned up. After all she put up with — the lies, the cheating, the lies, the more cheating, the humiliation — not to mention being dragged from the feminist capital of Wellesley and Yale in the northeast to Arkansas!

What did her own husband do last night? He stood behind her, as though he had been out in the sun all day getting a bad sunburn, and he looked bored. He looked disinterested; he looked depressed, as she faced the cameras vowing to press on after losing North Carolina. He didn’t help her last night. He could have had a smile on his face. But he purposely looked forlorn. He wanted to convey with his facial expression the abject depression and disappointment that the campaign was feeling. He talked about himself, ladies, this entire campaign. Never about her. He tried to derail her candidacy with this race card business in South Carolina. Bill Clinton treated his wife’s quest like it was just an afterthought, and perhaps even a threat, to his own legacy. And after all the messes that she’s cleaned up and after all the humiliation she has suffered; after all the laundry she has done, after raising Chelsea, after consorting with unsavory characters, after going to work to become the family breadwinner; he stands behind her last night looking bored.

About the race thing, can you imagine what would have happened if Jeremiah Wright had been Hillary’s pastor? Instead, the golden boy, the dweeb, the good-looking GQ guy that shows up in the office and gets your promotion mumbles a few lame excuses, and everything’s forgiven. This guy doesn’t know anything about anything. You ever hear him talk about taxes? He’s a lightweight. Hillary can out-walk this guy. I mean, if we know somebody who knows how to raise tax, it’s a Hillary Clinton. She knows how to raise taxes. She knows taxes! She can out-walk this guy in the middle of hot flashes, ladies, and you know this. Barack is a guy. He’s a guy with an angry woman who’s probably henpecking him every day and every night. You know these kind of guys, and you know these kind of women, and you know these kind of wives. He’s just a guy — and that, ladies, says it all, and you know what I’m talking about. How is it, ladies, the only man who has stood tall — the only man in this country who has stood tall for Hillary’s right to fight the good fight to the bitter end — is me? Does this not give you pause?

I know many of the ladies to whom I address at this moment are liberal feminists. Does it not grate on you that Mrs. Clinton’s most staunch supporter, most important backer, has been me, Rush Limbaugh, who has called your group the NAGs? They say now that it’s going to take a miracle for Mrs. Clinton to win. But ladies, don’t we believe in miracles? Isn’t that how you overcome the trials and tribulations? Hasn’t this episode with Hillary and the Drive-By Media, male dominated, and Barack Obama confirmed everything you have always thought about the worthlessness of men and how unappreciative they are of all that you have done and how they have done nothing but take you for granted? Oh, yeah, they’ll make sure they look like little weasels, and they’ll make sure they dress like metrosexuals and drive the right cars. But when it comes to down to it, ladies, liberal men are going to take care of themselves first, and when it doesn’t work out for you, they’re going to blame it on you. What are they going to call you? Going to call you b-i-itch. They’re going to say you’re not friendly.

They’re going to tell you that you put people off with your Nurse Ratched attitudes. They’re going to say that you do nothing but scare men into losing their testicles and putting them in your testicle lockbox. You know this is true! You know this is what the liberal men are going to secretly further as a notion of you and your candidate, Hillary Clinton. But we believe in miracles here at the EIB Network and Rush Limbaugh, and we can make them. Whereas I have urged Mrs. Clinton to hang in there and be tough — hang tight, hang loose, however she wishes, don’t give this up — the Democrat Party is not only cheating her. The Democrat Party, under Howard George Wallace Dean, is cheating millions of voters in Florida and Michigan, and they are saying, ladies (hear me on this) the only way Obama can win is if votes are not counted. I know Democrat liberal men like I know every inch of my glorious naked body, and sadly right now, these liberal men — in the media, in your party — are planning and scheming on how to screw Hillary Clinton out of her nomination and, by extension, to screw you, which they have been doing since you formed your movement.

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