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RUSH: Going to go to Daytona Beach, this is Van. I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: Yeah, listen, you’re harder to get a hold of than Barack Hussein Obama’s bowling coach.

RUSH: Harder to get a hold of than his bowling coach. Yes.

CALLER: Did you get that?

RUSH: Yeah, I got that.

CALLER: Supposed to be funny. Anyway, I wanted to get your comment on this, Rush. The Drive-By Media didn’t even say anything about it. Last Thursday Mrs. Clinton made the statement that had she been under the Republican rules of nomination, she would have had 2,320 votes right now and had the nomination and Barack Hussein Obama would have 1,308 right now. She’d be the nominee. If she was under the same rules as McCain when he got his nomination.

RUSH: That’s very true.

CALLER: Yeah, so how come the Drive-By Media didn’t say a word about that?

RUSH: Well, I mean why should they? She’s not running under the Republican —

CALLER: Well, she needed something to boost her up, you know, and I thought that boosted —

RUSH: No, that wasn’t going to boost —

CALLER: — a little bit, you know.

RUSH: Here’s the dirty little secret about this. The Clintons have only themselves to blame for these rules. They were running the party when this whole shebang was put together, Howard Dean and the gang and The Punk, Terry McAuliffe. They figured this was going to be a coronation. They stacked all these primaries early. Now, the superdelegate and proportionate delegate allocations, the pledged delegates, that goes back basically to the early eighties to prevent a McGovern-type nomination or even a Jimmy Carter-type nomination. It was basically to say that average, ordinary run-of-the-mill Democrat voters can’t be trusted to do the right thing in the primaries so we need these superdelegates, these party hacks, to make good on any mistakes that the idiots in our party commit with their vote in the primaries. These rules, they’ve been around for a long time, but basically this whole primary structure — Mrs. Clinton, I can understand this, too. I mean she’s trying to get any edge that she can, and point out that in a normal democratic process, she would have emerged victorious.

The real point, the real thing you learn from this is that the Democrat Party is not a democratic process in the way they set up their rules. They can have their rules any way they want. They are a private organization, and they can do whatever they want. But, you know, she’s hoisted on her own petard here. They knew the rules going into this. She has just run a lousy campaign, thought they were going to have this wrapped up in February. There’s another thing out there, too, I keep watching the Drive-Bys report all of this, and they’re tying themselves into knots out there. They think it’s just fine and dandy for Obama to go out and brag about the 90% black vote that he is getting, but on the other hand, you know, when Hillary goes out there and talks about all the white votes she’s getting, they want to lynch her. Then when they get the gonads to suggest that Barry’s low percentage of white voters might be a tiny bit of a problem, then the Drive-Bys go nuts, ‘Racist, racist, racist! I can’t believe the Clintons are doing this in the Democrat Party.’

So I have a question, just a simple question found in logic. Why is Hillary’s great strength with white women, working stiffs, why is that not as equally as impressive as Obama’s strength with black people? How come she doesn’t get to crow about that? How come Obama and his gang can sit out there and say, ‘Whoo, look what we’re doing, 90% of the black vote, we own it.’ It is a total disconnect, and it’s funny to see these liberal people tie themselves into all these knots. I’ll tell you this. If the Drive-By Media was honest, they would have said last night that it was a racist decision for Obama not to campaign in West Virginia, that he must be a racist for avoiding the white people in that state. Well, you could look at it that way, what did he do? So Hillary is going to have this big win. She wins by over 40 points, and they’re still telling her to get out of this? She wins by 40 points. Obama, train’s off the tracks.

Obama is showing he cannot win where he has to win but they’re afraid to take this away from him, they don’t dare, but she’s going to be able to make a case that she’s not going anywhere, she’s going to make a case. So what does Obama do? Goes to Missouri, speaks at six o’clock tonight trying to take front and center stage, six o’clock at night trying to take front and center stage. Karl Rove said last night that he’s really coming off like a sore loser. He gave up a golden opportunity for free media time to make a great conciliatory speech. If everybody is trying to unify the party, why didn’t Obama play along last night, knowing he was going to get shellacked out there, go on TV, take advantage of the free media time, instead of going into Cape Girardeau and having a little town meeting with a hundred people that didn’t get a whole lot of wide coverage — well, CNN, PMSNBC did carry the thing live, but he blew an opportunity to speak later in the night, free media and to be conciliatory and to unify, because Obama is the messiah, he’s the great unifier, and last night he didn’t. He acted like a spoiled little kid.

He acted like a spoiled little kid, and then went out and made some of the most stupid comments I’ve heard yet, that the reason we need to get out of Iraq is so our Arabic translators can go out and help out in Afghanistan when nobody in Afghanistan speaks Arabic. Then he made that idiotic, uninformed, ignorant comment about the housing crisis, reminding him of the Great Depression. I’ll tell you, these Democrats, superdelegates, there was a time I thought that they were quaking in their boots over this. They they have to see this guy is not winning the states they have to win. He’s not even coming close to winning the states they have to win. He does not have momentum. Outside of North Carolina, he didn’t win anything big, maybe Mississippi, since February the 22nd. But they so hate the Clintons. That’s what’s so obvious, the Democrat Party. They probably want to get rid of the Clintons more than you do, and they can see it, and they can taste it. So it’s going to be interesting to see how this all falls out. She did pick up a couple superdelegates today, too, I should point out.


RUSH: A headline in the story by Roger Simon, Politico.com: ‘Hillary wins. Does anybody care?’ I care, Roger. It’s called Operation Chaos. Of course we want Hillary to keep winning here. What Roger actually means is do the Drive-Bys care? Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, says, ‘I don’t understand; the cable networks keep saying it’s a big deal, but it’s not a big deal. She had a landslide victory last night. It has to count for something.’ It’s gotta mean something. And yet everybody’s telling her to get out. In the media, the media is running stories, ‘When are you going to quit Hillary?’ She’s not doing it for you in the media. You people in the Drive-Bys are not the center of the universe for people in politics, despite how they treat you. From Politico.com: ”Women, Churchgoers Fuel Clinton Win’ — High turnout among female voters and regular churchgoers, combined with widespread concern over the economy, propelled Hillary Rodham Clinton to her overwhelming West Virginia primary victory on Tuesday.’ According to Obama, these are the really bitter clingers, the really bitter clingers.


RUSH: The Huffington Post here, ‘Does Obama Even Need the Jewish Vote?’ No. No. Of course not. Sam Stein, author of the piece here. No. He doesn’t need the Jews; he doesn’t need the whites; he doesn’t need the workers; he doesn’t need the women. He doesn’t need anybody. We’re going to anoint Obama. Look at who he doesn’t need. He doesn’t need the white people. He doesn’t need women. He doesn’t need Jewish people. Well, he’s not going to get the Hispanic vote. Doesn’t need the Hispanic vote. What everybody’s missing about Obama, he doesn’t need votes, period. He is the messiah. You know, the Kentucky primary’s coming up, and they’ve put out — you can see a picture of this on Drudge — they’ve actually put out a flier called ‘Faith. Hope. Change. Barack Obama for President,’ and it’s a picture of him at a pulpit with a giant cross behind him in a church, and you open it up and there’s more pictures of Obama inside churches. Faith, hope, change.

Now, everybody remembers when Governor Huckabee ran an ad last December, and the camera moved around, there were lights in the room, the light hit the bookcase and it looked like the cross was being illuminated behind Huckabee, and you remember the religious left went literally bonkers on Huckabee, ‘Separation of church and state!’ they cried, subliminal religious messages, trying to say that he was God’s chosen candidate. It’s right out in the open here with Obama. Right out in the open. ‘Ready to do the Lord’s work’ is actually some of the text in this little pamphlet in Kentucky. Ready to do the Lord’s work. They are trying to get back to the messiah mantle. And, of course, nobody’s upset about this, the Drive-Bys are not. Mrs. Clinton, you and Bill, you’ve been in your share of churches. Are you going to let ’em take that from you, too? You Clintons, especially you, Bill, you saved a bunch of black churches from burning. Well, he said he did. He said he saw it when he was growing up and he wasn’t going to let it happen again. So now he doesn’t need the Jewish vote; he doesn’t need the white vote; he doesn’t need the Hispanic vote, he doesn’t need the white vote; he doesn’t need votes. He will be anointed.

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